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    when is next buick meet???

    when is next buick meet???
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    3.8 hood decals

    They seem to have disappeared everywhere online recently...i was looking also and for the badges
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    Road to the 7's

    My favorite and most impressive car on this board...great job, car is beautiful. ...
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    any 10mm fans here

    Glock 29SF with extra Glock 20 clips..double tap ammo
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    Sick of dishonest people!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sorry Mark..Hardcore Pawn shouldve gave you a clue about who your dealing with in the armpit of america...
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    Identify this spark plug

    Those look like the Rapidfire garbage they used to have...
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    Hunk a junk truck running 10's!

    looks like a locals truck from my little town...
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    Heads up all you NYers out there.

    Start kissing rights goodbye...
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    which wideband, innovative or aem?

    PLX..Its working perfect w my GEN2..Numbers are dead on...
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    GN $9500 grude race!

    I think i saw them on BAIT CAR or HARDCORE PAWN..same caliber of people
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    Forged Built 109 short block for sale

    Where is motor located??????
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    1986 T-type Parts car

    Still have those motors you posted on cl?
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    Worth upgrading??? PT 67..

    One of my best combos on a street car was blue top injectors,a te44 and homemade alky before anyone knew what alky was..
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    Worth upgrading??? PT 67..

    Wow..thank you for the insight..i guess even a new billet wheel is better than mine..even if i dont go ball bearing.which i was told by a major turbo name is not necessary for our cars... I feel people were going plenty fast before alot of the latest billet/ball bearing hype.. This 67 was all...
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    Worth upgrading??? PT 67..

    I have a PT67 P-trim Journal bearing turbo. It only has about a hundred miles on it along with a new motor.Ive never pushed it passed 20 lbs..yet. The car is an animal,spools pretty good. What can i expect if i upgrade to a new Billet 6766 Journal?? Is it a waste of money? ALSO.. I was told ball...
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    low low mileage regal find

    Im thinking bout it...
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    low low mileage regal find

    How about a 1983 regal,1 owner 3,000 miles..original tires!! Smells like new not a scratch....