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    I call him every time make order and tell him when I will be by the shop to pick it up. Never had one problem and I live 4 hours away. I just like the day trip and drooling all over his merchandise and cars.
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    1987 Turbo T 53K Miles. New Motor.

    Iam it did sell on ebay. I'm waiting to see if the buyer follows through.
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    60/40 Seats

    No Brian Weaver is the owner of Gbodyparts.
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    60/40 Seats

    Have you tried Gbodyparts. If not call Brian I would assume that he has them in stock. He has a massive inventory.
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    Need some T-Tops for 87 GN

    Contact Bryan at He has stacks of them.
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    87 grand national radio

    I looked before and no one had a mint one with a guarantee. I ended up going to Gbodyparts, ask for Brian. You get a used radio that has a guarantee, what else could you ask for. If your close to his shop go by and pick the one you want off of the shelf.
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    GNX Correct repro Center Cap Decals

    I agree and they were copied from orginal gnx centers.
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    Parts for sale

    Intercooler, sold pending payment.
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    Parts for sale

    Stock intercooler with upper shroud and screen, up pipe and hoses $65.00 shipped anywhere in the lower 48. Stock heads complete from 80k mile car with no issues. Make offer with shipping.
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    87 Burgandy Back seat

    I think I saw a couple of burgandy sets at Brians shop when I was there last. Check with him
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    Fastest MPH you've ever been...

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    Fastest MPH you've ever been...

    187 2005 cbr 1000rr 191 2008 Corvette Z06 162 2004 Pontiac GTO 165 2010 Nissan GTR 85 or who knows 1986 Turbo t 132 banging the rev-limiter in my government Crown Victoria legally chasing a Gsxr 750 and yes I caught him and before you say it he could not drive. Ha ha
  13. K sorry it came to this

    I spent six months emailing Brian back and forth while my car was in construction. At least once a day and I allways got a email back from him. If you would have emailed Brian direct I'm sure your issue would have been resolved that day. The name of the game is customer service reputation and...
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    Hard to find t-top part needed

    Bryan at gbodyparts has them I believe. I needed all of the t top metal for my 86 GN.
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    If your talking about the car yes it sold. I have parts and wheels for sole

    If your talking about the car yes it sold. I have parts and wheels for sole
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    Fake GNX being sold as real

    I reported it to ebay. This is truly rediculous.
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    Need a few parts 86-87

    Sent you a pm
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    1986 T-Type for sale

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    intercooler and turbo

    They are virtually the same. The TTA came with the same intercooler as the GNX. Tiny bit bigger. The turbos are the same.
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    Perfect gta fronts/tires

    Any offers. I'm going up around manhattan in July 2nd we could meet somewhere and avoid the shipping.