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  1. turbobitt

    Cam sensor NOS used like new.

    This is a used NOS cam sensor that was in my car. Has low miles and has been updated with the tang reinforcement. Was working perfectly and was removed for the belt drive. $450 + Shipping PM if interested AG.
  2. turbobitt

    Stage 2 T&D roller rockers like new

    I have a really nice set of T&D rockers 1.65 ratio that I had bought new and have never been beaten up. They have new set of full compliment roller bearings. Shafts are not included, just what you see. These are for the cast pedestal style. $400 + shipping Please PM if interested. AG.
  3. turbobitt

    Fel Pro Intake Gasket

    Cometic makes intake gaskets from the fiber material. I like them because like the head gaskets you can get them in just about ant thickness. My heads are uncut and every intake manifold I had has been fitted to cut heads so I need the extra thickness. AG.
  4. turbobitt

    1986 Turbo regal Stage 2 street strip 8 second car

    Car has been mini tubed and has certified cage to 8.50. The car still retains a full interior but no A/C. Manual steering and Manual brakes. Brakes are Aerospace brakes pro-street vented on front and rear with a Dual caliper rear setup. Drivetrain – Strange Ford 9” with 35 spline axles...
  5. turbobitt

    NICE, NICE GM Tensioner & MORE !!!

    Looks like it has or had at one point had a gear drive setup in it. AG.
  6. turbobitt

    85-87 vacuum brake pedal

    Crower will make just about anything you want. The lifter is the same as a SBC with a Buick width tie bar. So basically they would just build you a lifter set with a shelf lifter of your choice and a Buick tie bar. I'm not sure but I think Bison got a set done for a customer. AG.
  7. turbobitt

    I think I still have one attached to a heater box. I would say $100+shipping. AG.

    I think I still have one attached to a heater box. I would say $100+shipping. AG.
  8. turbobitt

    TR6 ignition impressions?

    I have a coil wire harness for the above pictured GM coils from my XFI/XIM that I no longer use and may be common to the TR6 but don't know for sure. . There is a left and right bank harness.
  9. turbobitt

    Wtb built 87 GN

    How rigid are you on your requirements ? I been debating on selling my 86 turbo T. AG.
  10. turbobitt

    Champion PS bracket and more and TH400 parts

    Champion PS bracket - This has been modified with an addition to another idler to move the belt away from the Meziere water pump and get a better wrap around the PS pump pulley. I will include the under drive pulley for the crank. $200 + shipping firm TH400 Gov delete plate made from anodized...
  11. turbobitt

    Stage II heads and AC box, delete heat?

    I have the ATR style heater core/kidney plate installed already on a box that I removed from my car that I may be willing to leg go. AG Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. turbobitt

    Balancer spacer for pulley

    Yes, PM me if interested please.
  13. turbobitt

    Balancer spacer for pulley

    I have a set of stainless spacers I can sell you for the cam and crank .120" thick. AG.
  14. turbobitt

    Aeromotive Pro series pump and SX filter

    Aeromotive Pro series pump and SX filter. Slightly used $600 + shipping. 15 Gallon Triangular Engineering fuel cell with GM fuel level sensor. $150+ Shipping. Please PM if interested. AG.
  15. turbobitt

    Connecting FAST DASH to XFI

    It will flash the screen but not really effectively noticeable where I mount mine. AG Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. turbobitt

    Gear Drive with stock Cover question

    Also, one more thing. If you do decide to modify a cover and it’s going on a Stage block, make sure you weld up the lower drivers side corner area so that it provides a sealing surface to mate against the block or you will have a leak. AG Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. turbobitt

    Gear Drive with stock Cover question

    Yes, it will clear the shaft and if your careful you could weld a thin tube spacer and still utilize the inner cover bolt. In my opinion it’s almost impossible to weld without distorting the pump shaft features and the pump gear pocket. You will find yourself sending a reamer through the shaft...
  18. turbobitt

    Gear Drive users

    I had spring loads 250# at the seat and 600#+ open without any issues. AG Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. turbobitt

    Gear Drive users

    I have heard instances where the 3 volt style worked its way loose. I can speak from experience that the single volt style worked flawless for the 18 years I have used it. The biggest negative is the work required to make it work on a stock cover. It’s almost impossible to modify and weld...