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  1. Reggie West

    couldn't stay away, LOL

    Very nice.
  2. Reggie West

    Engine guys please help!

    Your second set of pics looks better. You mentioned alky. I would start by backing off the boost down to about 8 psi and see what it does from there. If the alky is not set right you could be pig rich in boost with that just as well. Go back to 8 psi and start from there. Find a baseline...
  3. Reggie West

    Engine guys please help!

    You're compression looks good and consistent across all cylinders. Those plugs are fouled out, what is causing that? Start with the basics on your fuel system, check filters, check pressure at the regulator. Check your MAF settings as well and see where it's set at because something is...
  4. Reggie West

    Official "Buicks@Bates" 2023 Kick-Off Thread

    I will be there with my own car this time.
  5. Reggie West

    Anything I should replace

    Clean the negative battery cable and where its located. Check the ground cables on the back of the block if you can. Make sure they are clean and secure. Remove the coil pack and bracket and its easy to get to them. Get the fabric tape out and wrap all of the wires, those should not be...
  6. Reggie West

    Looking for a 109 block

  7. Reggie West

    Looking for a 109 block

    So do you want to sell one to Outatime here?
  8. Reggie West

    Guess the sound win a beer, story time...

    Dont sleeve it. Get a 109 block and a set of pistons as stated above.
  9. Reggie West


    Availability of cores has been the issue for roller cams and Comp knew that. We need to give them credit for filling the orders they took and made good on them. Cams have not been the only scarcity for a Buick. Forged pistons have been a long wait too. Not quite as long but still 3 to 6...
  10. Reggie West

    Valve size questions

    Remflex has the gasket from turbo to downpipe.
  11. Reggie West

    Need rec on new cam and turbo

    If you are going to go with a roller cam, get the rocker arms for it as well. I would go to a stall speed of 3200 using the 64/66 and that cam. Don't use a .63 exhaust housing it will impede top end on that turbo. That turbo will require bigger injectors as well.
  12. Reggie West

    3.8 stock block rebuild

    3.8 or 4.1 block with as little overbore as possible 11 to 1 CR 3.625 stroke Girdle it H beam rods Port and polish the heads and intake 218/212 hyd roller cam (you have some options here) 64/66 or better 160 pph injectors -8 feed and -6 return Minimum of 352 lph pump to make 700 hp at...
  13. Reggie West

    Fitting TA race headers

    Its not necessary but it might keep the converter from getting damaged running over something on the road. I have seen the trans take the hit for road debris. Besides how else are you going to mount up the drip lip thingy to keep the rear main from leaking??
  14. Reggie West

    Fitting TA race headers

    Put the headers on the motor and tighten them up. Leave the crossover off until the motor is in the car and hooked up to the transmission. Get the converter cover back on too. The crossover is easily put back on under the car.
  15. Reggie West

    Guess the sound win a beer, story time...

    Sorry I thought he had, my bad.
  16. Reggie West

    Guess the sound win a beer, story time...

    He did a compression check on the cylinders and they were all good.
  17. Reggie West

    Any CNC Items We All Need Made? Helping A Friend Shop That Moved

    Yes, yes, yes very much need that..