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    More performance parts almost new, Throttle body, fuel pressure guage, 1" dog house spacer, MAF pipe and dash bezel

    Gn1 4” cold air pipe still available? If so any more pics of it
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    Wilwood Rear Disc Brake Set Up

    Pm sent
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    Wilwood Rear Disc Brake Set Up

    Do you still have the brakes? And would you do $625 shipped?
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    Parts For Sale

    PM sent
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    Parts For Sale

    I’ll take the maf What’s your PayPal address
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    Parts For Sale

    If it’s just the end that is broken off, and not the actual hosing being cracked then I’m good and I’ll take it, if it gets to me, shipping to 60586 Thanks
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    Parts For Sale

    Ok so the end of it is broken off, correct? And the actual housing isn’t cracked?
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    Parts For Sale

    Interested in the maf sensor if it gets to me, could you snap a couple of pics of the crack?
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    4” maf

    Looking for a 4” maf with correct connectors to plug into a translator, Ty
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    4 inch maf pipe

    Any pics of the pipe?
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    PTC 9.5 non lock 18 blade Convertor

    What stall is it?
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    Parts for sale

    What size maf?
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    Stage 2 intake

    Yes it is, sorry I haven’t been active on here lately but yes it is available
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    Moldex BMS crank + rods

    Sale pending
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    Blue, Red, and Grey Horn Rings, GM...

    Pic of the backside of the blue ring please