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    BNIB WORK G4S 6465 DBB / 6765 DBB $1,700 INCLUDING Water lines and Oil fitting

    #9 So all you Buick guys and gals, I just got off the phone with Reed at WORK Turbo, and I was given approval to drop the pricing of the WORK G4S 6465 DBB and WORK G4S 6765 DBB FOR $1,700 INCLUDING THE WATER LINES AND OIL FEED FITTING! That is a BRAND NEW WORK G4S 6465 Dual Ball Bearing Turbo...
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    $650 BNIB Forged 4340 Steel 3.625" Stroke Crankshaft AND SFI Neutral Balance Flexplate, Plus shipping. BN Rebuilt PTE 6765 $600 by WORK

    Hey Guys, I really need to sell some stuff, and I have 4 of these crankshafts and corresponding flexplates lying around collecting dust. These are the "RPS", aka "Zimmerman" aka "Arizona GN" aka "Designed by Turbo Lou, Zimmerman Engines, and Nick Micale" crankshaft. This BRAND NEW. I bought a...
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    Month-long BLACK FRIDAY Specials!

    It is that time of year again! We at RPS are PROUD to offer you some killer Black Friday specials that will be valid for the entire month of November!! 1) RPS forged crankshaft in 3.625" stroke, narrow journal, off center, and it includes a neutral balance flexplate for $695. This is the same...
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    RPS Introduces our Return Line Kits! E-85 Compatible Fuel Return Lines for $150 Shipped

    New Return Line kits from RPS. For those people who want to upgrade your fuel lines, but don't want to spend $500 on a setup, this return line kit comes with a new -6AN return line and adapter fitting for the pressure regulator. We all know the stock feed line will take you to the 10s, so if...
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    Intercooler Performance Article discussing the various aspects of Intercooler design

    If you enjoyed my Billet Turbo article I previously wrote, you may enjoy this long write-up about Intercooler design and the various aspects that affect the performance and functionality of intercooler cores. This article is rather long, just a warning. I'd suggest breaking it up into sections...
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    Interesting article I found on Precision vs Garrett's internal parts and design Note- I do not know how old this article is. Thing may have changed at Precision from the date this was published.
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    WORK BRAND NEW Ball Bearing 7268 G4 1,100hp in a Buick 3 Bolt Housing Turbo! $2,250

    WORK Turbo and RPS are PROUD to offer a BRAND NEW Turbo for those looking to maximize their 3-bolt turbo setup! This turbo uses a .85 AR Buick 3 Bolt turbine housing, and a 4" inlet, 3" outlet Compressor housing. To quote Reed Partridge, the owner of WORK Turbochargers, he has this to say about...
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    WTB: 4" Cartridge-style MAF sensor

    Looking for a 4" cartridge-style MAF sensor like the one in the pic I attached. If you have one, please call me at 707 362 6030, or email me at Thank you! Tyler
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    TR-6 Causing detonation at same timing as stock ignition?

    So a buddy and I are working on tuning his car, and he has a TR-6 ignition with the new truck coil. He was previously getting a little bit of knock on a Turbotweak 6.1 chip for 91 octane and alky injection, and he had the alky turned all the way up and the AFR was pig-rich at 10.8 AFR. I was...
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    WORK 1,000hp G4S 6765 Dual Ball Bearing Turbos $1,795!!!

    We at RPS are incredibly proud to offer special Promotional pricing on the new WORK G4 line of turbochargers!! This promotion is only for the 6765 sized turbo. These ball bearing turbos normally retail for $2,025 but this Promotional price is for $1,795 which is a $200 savings! This Promotion...
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    Article on Why Billet Turbos Make So Much Power and The Different Types of Billet Wheels

    With everyone coming out with new turbos and saying they are running "billet wheels, I thought it would be nice to write something up giving a basic explanation of the various types of turbo wheels. This link is an article that I personally wrote that does its' best to explain the differences...
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    BNIB Billet SCAT crank - $3,200 shipped with Micro-polishing and Knife-edging

    Selling a BNIB SCAT crank, billet 4340 steel. This crank is not yet made, because the buyer can have this crank made in any configuration they choose; wide journal, narrow journal, whatever stroke they want. The price includes shipping to anywhere in the Con US. Pricing also includes...
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    Custom Billet Wide Journal On Center Rods Interest for $650-$800? (Gauging Interest)

    Hey Guys, I am gauging the public's interest in having some custom billet 4340 steel On center, wide journal, h-beam, rods made in probably a 6.3" length rod. These rods would cost anywhere between $650-$800 (I already requested a pricing quote) per set. These rods would be the On-center...
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    Brand New WORK Line of Journal and Ball Bearing Turbos!

    RPS is PROUD to announce from WORK Turbo their brand new "G4" line of turbochargers! This line of turbochargers are the quintessential performance piece to add to your car to transform your Turbo Regal from Mild to Wild! These turbos are the brain child of the Mad Genius; Reed Partridge, the...
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    I was robbed, and now I'm selling parts to help recover.. On and Off Center TA block/Cranks/Flexplates

    So in case you may not know, I got robbed the other day. Some of the stuff was in the back of my truck, some of it was actually IN my truck. Due to this, I am having a fire sale on some stuff to help me recover the costs of all this. I am selling all this stuff for basically what I paid for it...
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    Duttweiler-machined On Center TA Block $4k Shipped

    So I have an On Center TA block with less than 10 passes on it. It is currently at Kenny Duttweilers shop, where he is going to bore it out from the current 3.97 to 3.972. Now, if the buyer wants a different bore size, we should be able to do that for no extra cost, but you have to check with...
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    FREE KYB Gas-A-Shocks used just pay shipping

    Well hello there! I originally was going to put these on one of our local customer's cars but he bought his own shocks. So, these are free IF YOU CAN TRULY USE THEM!! To get them, shoot me a text or call at literally anytime of the day...I keep VERY odd hours.. 707 362 6030 Hopefully these...
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    EDIT: Thread Closed

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    WTB: Stock Spindles both sides

    Looking for stock spindles for both the passenger and driver's side. I really only need the Driver's side, but if you have both I'll take em for the right price. Best way to reach me is my phone- 707 362 6030 or by email- Thanks!
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    WTB: Danny Bee Front Cover for Dry Sump Setup, 4 or 5-stage Dry Sump Oil Pump and Pan (if possible)

    Just as title says. I need a complete setup for my TA block to put on a dry sump oiling system. Duttweiler has recommended I look for the Danny Bee front cover setup and a 4 or 5 stage oil pump. If you have anything of the sort, please call or text me at 707 362 6030 or email at...