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    Hello everyone. F.Y.I. Want to pass something along. Almost a disaster! While removing alternator, had to remove "MAF pipe." That's when I discovered bottom side [not visible from above] had a deep groove cut into it. This was because of the radiator hose clamp that is fastened to long bolt that...
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    "Casper Electronics" led cam sensor cap

    Hello out there. Changed "oil filter adapter" O/ring, was leaking. Got one from "Richard Clark." Different design, "Quad Ring" check It out. Also tightened "turbo drain hose" at the block. It was also lose and leaking. When I changed "O/ring," I lost suction at the "oil pump." So I pulled "cam...
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    "oil pan gasket"

    Hello everyone. What is the best choice regarding "oil pan gasket" material and brand? Thanks very much.
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    E85 with or without upgraded ECM ?

    Hello. Hope everyone is well / wearing a mask! Anyway.. I'm thinking of converting to E85. So I understand about having an adequate fuel pump {Racetronix/Walbro 340.} And larger fuel lines, {Teflon lined.} Got that. I know I have to increase the size of fuel injectors and E85 chip "Eric...
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    CAS V4 "middle size" 18 or 19 row

    Hello everyone . I'm still for old school stretch I.C. As always, condition will determine the price. Thanks.
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    Power steering cap

    Hello everyone . Hope you are all well, and without "virus." I'm looking for a P.S. cap for an '87 w/ left hand thread. The one I have has worn print. Does anybody have one in better than average condition? With a nice fresh gasket? That would be awesome. L.M.K. Be safe...
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    RJC "rear engine brace."

    Hello , Happy new Year! I have a question regarding the installation of Jason's engine brace. I've spoken to him a couple of times already. Maybe It's me, but I just don't see how this brace fits number one : against the bell housing. And two: the lower section is right up against the brake...
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    oem radio

    Hello, My radio stopped working? All fuses good. Factory head unit . The one with 5 band graphic eq. Any ideas? Or did it just crap out!
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    Alcohol fuel lubricant?

    Hello. I am thinking about installing an " alky control" system in my car. I've heard some say they sometimes use a product to restore lubrication to the upper cylinder walls do to the introduction of alcohol to the fuel mix. Is this something I should consider? Or is this just for "alcohol...
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    cas V4

    I need a CAS V4. I'm going to keep asking until I find one! All you high H.P. guys w/ front mounts, I know you have these things kicking around! Must have all brackets, shroud, be in mint condition, and ready to go. And I mean GO! "LET IT GO!" Thanks, Phil...
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    Precision S.L.I.C.

    Hello, Has anyone just upgraded to a front mount I.C. Looking to sell a precision stretch I.C. in excellent condition? Thanks very much...
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    S.L.I.C. upgrade!

    Hello, I have a question with regard to "upsizing my S.L.I.C w/ Dutt. neck. To a CAS V4 S.L.I.C. I was wondering how it would effect my tune? I have pretty much all the bolt-on upgrades. TA49 [rebuilt] 10 inch 3000 stall converter , resized [62mm] T.B. , T.T. 42lb. injectors and chip, H.D...
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    Intercooler Transplant!

    Hi, How is everybody doing? Question, has anyone ever thought of retrofitting a Syclone or Typhoon "water to air" intercooler set-up to a Grand national "air to air" set-up? Or is It even physically possible? Would it fit? As we all know, water is much, much better. Like 4 to 1 more efficient...
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    stretch intercooler

    Hello . Hope everyone had a nice Christmas. I am looking for a CAS V4. Thanks very much...