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    If you know GNX433 owner...

    Please drop me a PM, I came across a sheet the owner would probably like for their collection.
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    Help! odd problem- ugly startup, then runs OK until hot, then stumbles and backfire

    This is aggravating me for several weeks...basically since it got very hot outside. 87 TB On cold start it gives me trouble: starts right away but very ugly stumbling idle for a minute or so, then it settles right down to normal. I drive away and everything seems fine. As it's...
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    How to remove intermediate steering shaft?

    From the Buick service manual procedure, it would seem very easy to remove the intermediate steering shaft (between the column and the box). Unfortunately mine is not working out that way. :frown: Has anyone done this before and tell me how they did it? TIA! Mike
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    Minor clunk felt in steering wheel

    I have a very minor clunking feel in my steering wheel, particularly as I cross center on the wheel. When I shake the (intermediate?) shaft in the engine comparment right by the D/S heads I get a corresponding clunk at the retainer area just outside the firewall. See pic. The lower bearing...
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    Motor Trend cover this month says...

    "...and the coolest Buick since the GNX" Sadly I think it's in reference to their new minivan-XUV thinger :rolleyes:
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    Nitro-methane blend for meth injection?

    A supercharged viper guy was telling me there is a nitro-methane mixture available for his meth injection kit that supposedly increases HP due to additional oxygen content. Anyone tried this for the Buicks? Thanks, Mike Doh! Searched it a different way and found it was already posted.
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    Oil path question...pump to cooler then filter?

    Looking for someone to confirm/deny the path of oil after it leaves the pump I bought a re-cored radiator and since I don't know the history of the internal oil cooler, I want to be sure any debris they couldn't flush out won't end up in my motor. From what I can see, the oil goes from...
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    What are mainstream uses for Methanol?

    I'm trying to find a source in north jersey and I'd like to know what the mainstream/commercial uses are for it, so I can search those industries. TIA! Mike
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    BstC- not enough range

    Hey All, Full Throttle is at SEMA this week, so looking for some ideas. I've read through the BstC archives and I've pretty much got mine right except for one thing- it only has about 3psi of range. ie. the lowest position is about 18-19psi and the highest about 21. I understand 6-7 psi...
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    Need Part # for fuel line O-ring...

    ...where the line from the motor, connects to the line to the fuel tank...located by the frame under the AC Compressor. I believe it's the return line, because it's smaller of the two. I've tried the o-ring from the fuel filter fitting but that's too thin. Right now I have a regular...
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    Correction for humidity?

    I know the rule of thumb for turbo buick ET/HP temp correction is about 10HP=one tenth=10 degrees temp, but is there a rule of thumb for humidity? Mike
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    Primer or FAQ for Alcohol injection

    I'm considering alcohol injection, is there somewhere I can catch up on the basics in short order? Wanna see how it works, what's involved, how I can mount it stock-appearing as possible, etc. TIA Mike
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    Oil flow direction in cooler

    Quick question- can anyone tell me what direction the engine oil flows into the radiator cooler- top in/bottom out, etc.? I'm trying to reverse flush it. TIA, Mike
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    Is this a Walbro 340?

    I supposedly have a Walbro 340 in my hand, but nowhere on the pump does it say "340" like my old 307. And the intake is smaller than my old 307 which has me suspicious. Does anyone know what the Walbro P/N is supposed to be or at least confirm the intake situation....? Kinda in a...
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    Fuel tank "restoral"?

    Anyone know of a fuel tank restoral place in NNJ area? I've heard these places can get the rust out of the inside and coat it with tin? TIA Mike [:-)
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    Can you run a CarFax for a brother?

    If someone could run this, I'd appreciate it 1G6KY54951U121109 TIA!!! Mike [:-)
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    Kid Rock on GN's in STUFF Magazine

    Dunno if anyone caught this yet, but Kid Rock is interviewed in Stuff and talking about his buddy David Spade, he says, "...he's got a nice big house, but he drives a Grand National. How can you not be friends with the guy" :cool: [:-)
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    Park-Neutral switch adjustment

    I just had the steering column replaced and the P-N needs a little touch up. Can someone point me to the procedure? I had no luck searching here or gnt. TIA! Mike [:-)
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    Auto Alarm Installer/Expert

    I will be repairing/updating the alarm system on the GNX soon and I would like to know if someone on the board is a professional alarm installer that I could use as a resource for tips etc. I am very familiar with the basics, but hoping for some pro advice. If you can help, please email...
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    STOLEN GNX FOUND- Read about the Immaculate Recovery

    Dwight Clark has nothing on this. For all the bad things you hear about cops and stolen cars, here's the other side. Turns out my GNX was recovered on Tuesday, but there was still no release filed with the recovery desk this morning. Long story short I finally got to the sergeant that found...