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  1. LeeRemmos

    NIB NOS door sill plates fs $150

    I found a set (forgot I had and sold my car) of NIB NOS door sill plates. Looking for $150 plus shipping.
  2. LeeRemmos

    '87 T for sale

    87 T for sale, asking $20,000 OBO I Have all orig parts except the rims and exhaust plus a couple extra parts I have collected over the years. Clean Florida title. Bought back in 2015 from the second owner who was friends with the orig owner. The original owners‘ son supposedly ran it into a...
  3. LeeRemmos

    Rear bumper shock needed!

    33432 is my area code. Need a driver side rear bumper shock. Text 561-789-3697 if easier
  4. LeeRemmos

    86 T Type for sale in Fl

    Well, didnt think it would happen....but my son is selling his T. Due to his Air Fore commitments requiring travel for alot longer than expected, we are going to make some space in th garage. I am posting here prior to going mainstream with it. My dad bought it from a dealership in Cali who...
  5. LeeRemmos

    One piece air dam

    the one with the scoop for the intercooler and the ram air holes
  6. LeeRemmos

    quick poll ref hydroboost upgrade

    my stock powerboost system is leaking and rather than continuing to throw money at it, or sport a rebuilt - I am pretty sure its time to go hydroboost. I see Kirban has two bolt in systems avail. Cpb and hydratech. Any thoughts on either of these?
  7. LeeRemmos

    Need help with front springs issue!

    After doing some research, I decided to install Moog5660 (with a 1/4 coil cut) in order to lower my front end a tad. I was at 27" to the fender with the stockers and now after install I am 28.5". I wanted to drop to around 26". I know the 5658s are supposed to be lower than the 5660's by an...
  8. LeeRemmos

    Looking for the TR upgrade/mod cookbook

    been doing some research and I think I have an idea as to what upgrades/mods to a stock TR should be done and in what order. I am thinking on doing it in phases with a few mods at a time that work well together and will ensure everything will stay rock solid. I am looking for input on phases...
  9. LeeRemmos


    mine is starting to go. Anyone have a good drop-in for a good price?
  10. LeeRemmos

    Gbodyparts is MIA

    I have ordered from them several times. Usually great. I placed an order June 20 and still only showing as "label created". Tried calling a few times and only getting a full voicemail. Nonreply via email either. Hoping they just on vacation cause I need my parts.
  11. LeeRemmos

    C woods buick dealership mechanicsburg info

    Both my 87's were sold in the same dealership in mechanicsburg pa. C woods buick is the name and I cant find anything on the internet about the dealership since it closed a while back. Anyone with any interesting info about the dealer? Found it odd that it was such a coincidence. Thx
  12. LeeRemmos

    Newbie in need of scantool advice

    I am in need of a portable scantool since my family has 3 turbo buicks. Looking for recommendations. Would rather buy one that I can use for all 3 rather than install one in each. Thx
  13. LeeRemmos

    2.5" testpipe with cutout

    need a stock sized testpipe with cutout. Thx
  14. LeeRemmos

    Anyone know this car?

    it was in Illinois til 2013
  15. LeeRemmos

    Anyone willing to check out a t type for sale for me in Fort Worth?

    got a potential car to buy but it has some body issues I would like to have someone put some eyes on for me. Anyone interested in spending an hour of their time checking it out for me? i am willing to reimburse you for your time. Thx
  16. LeeRemmos

    Need help with info on a car for sale in Texas

    anyone know the previous owner or any history on the car listed for sale? It has some rust and needs new fillers but I would like to know some more info about looks slightly modded and want to know exactly why the crappy body work was done and the backstory since the current owner...
  17. LeeRemmos

    anyone using a garage car lift for their TR?

    thinking about doing a 4 post. Only problem is I am short 8" and need to brace the trusses and cut out a portion for where the top car's roof goes. Any comments from those who have one?
  18. LeeRemmos

    Need advice on price from the board

    i have searched and found a few threads regarding price for a posi unit but they seem pretty old. I also see I can pick up a unit from G Body. I am the third owner of my 87. The second owner tracked down the orig buyer recently and said he still had the factory posi unit in his garage and...
  19. LeeRemmos

    T type grill emblem wanted

    Gbodyparts has em new but too much $ for my taste. Anyone have a nice used one they are willing to part with?
  20. LeeRemmos

    Mod advice

    if you had 3k to spend on a stocker. What would you do (in order)?