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    GNX-438 for sale or trade 1076 Miles

    I apologize for my tardiness, between vacation and the Kaos I came back to I did not have the time to return calls or get the pictures that were asked for. Hear is a link to some more pictures of the car. If the weather cooperates I will take her to the shop Easter Sunday and get some photos of...
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    GNX-438 for sale or trade 1076 Miles

    Steve (Sbs) you have a PM, I posted this ad last week and the next day I toasted my computers hard drive. I gave my computer to the family techno wiz and he got me up and running again but I lost everything. Hey ya ready for this; GNX 438 still has her original antenna and it still works...
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    GNX-438 for sale or trade 1076 Miles

    I am looking to sell my GNX outright or trade for a GNX with miles on it or a Real Nice GN. GNX-438 has 1076 exorcise miles on her and I am telling you this car is absolutely stunning. I have looked at a lot of X’s and as far as I am concerned this car qualifies as one of the best. When you look...
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    How many bought a GNX first?

    My first TR was a GNX. Not sure if I would want a GN after owning one...
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    GNX Exhaust System

    The system looks great although I am not a fan of the polished stainless mufflers, I guess I could get them glass beaded to remove the polished look.
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    kirban's new GNX exhaust

    Rich did you put one on your car?
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    1987 Buick WE4 in PA

    WOW…I can not believe this car is not sold…………….
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    GNX Clone?

    I see Clone’s in the muscle car hobby all the time but they are not Numbered cars. Hey if you want to build a car that looks like a GNX “Go For It” but keep the numbers 1-547 off of the car, and if you do number the car at least man up and disclose the fact that it is a Clone. I for one would...
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    1987 Buick WE4 in PA

    I have seen this car in person and let me tell ya if I had the spare cash it would be in my garage now. Somebody is going to be a very happy WE4 owner. Good luck with the sale dave…
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    GNX Gauges

    Has anyone ever determined why the gauge fogs up so we can fix the problem, I had it happen one time and it bugged the hell out of me. Weird thing is it never happened again. Just that one time.
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    Hi Doug, I just recieved your message. Do you have a phone number where I can get in touch with you.

    Hi Doug, I just recieved your message. Do you have a phone number where I can get in touch with you.
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    GNX Purchase

    Cp1968 I am also looking for a GNX with some miles on it, I have a 1000 mile GNX I am willing to trade for one with some miles on it. Obviously I would also want some gas money in the trade. I feel guilty every time I exercise GNX-438 but it has to be done. Letting them sit in the driveway...
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    Caretaker wanted

    I have been trying to trade GNX-438 for a high mileage X that I can drive like I just stole it for a while now. Well I finally found the GNX I have been looking for so I need to find a Caretaker for GNX-438. This is a Really, Really nice car…. She has 1072 exercise miles on her. I had the car at...
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    GNX 486 on eBay

    Rich mine are on the outside...i wish ther were hidden on the inside.
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    9.7 mile GNX!!!!

    That 10 mile GNX is now a museum piece, just starting the car and letting it idle is not good for the car. All your doing is building up condensation in the engine and exhaust system. They have to be driven.... even if it’s only around the block a few times to keep the seals and fluids...
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    GNX Never Sold!!

    $12,500 was an obscene amount of money to pay for a car in 1972, The surgeon who did my back brought one over 10 years ago and paid a million then. He recently opened a museum with his collection open to the public. The collector car market is extremely strong for DOCUMENTED pedigree cars. Back...
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    Wheel Balancing Original GX Wheels

    Mine are on the outside and it annoys the hell out of me, One of these days I will fix it. Screw the Originality!!
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    Insurance for a GNX?

    I have an agreed value of $90,000 at $300-100 for $1000.. These people do this for a living and they are "The Best" ask for Tamra. classic car insurance,collector car, muscle car, corvette, antique auto insurance, agreed value insurance, chicago,new york, california, east coast, west coast...
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    342 Original Mile GNX for Sale - $87,900

    It would definitely be in your best interest to post some better pictures and information (such as location) and details on your car.
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    Gnx 176 #

    *LOL* That's too much info...... Mine has hated every Muscle car that ever followed me home through the years... Till I brought 438 home... She loves this car, Keeps a picture of it on her phone and I am "NOT" allowed to sell it. I don't get it, Probably never will...