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    Trip to Gatlinburg ( Smokey Mountains )

    We go every year and have used Fireside Chalets and Pioneer Cabin Rentals.
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    Who wants to buy a 2019 COPO Camaro?

    Problem with the COPO is they can never be driven on the street (legally). Track only.. No VIN's.. Can't be registered..
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    Who wants to buy a 2019 COPO Camaro?

    One of my friends was also chosen. Unfortunately he declined about 3 weeks ago.
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    Trying to get back in a buick!

    Looks nice but I'm afraid you're too far away...
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    Trying to get back in a buick!

    Picture of jeep...
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    Trying to get back in a buick!

    Just sticking my foot in the water.. Been probably close to 10 years since I've had one. Used to be a regular on this board for years. Trying to get back in a TR (86-87 only). Prefer to trade my Jeep for one (up or down a bit is fine).. It is a 2005 TJ Sport, 4.0 L6 w/6spd, 123k miles with a...
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    I did a thing...

    Pat, don't know if you remember me from days gone by, but your new car looks AWESOME... BTW, Rusty Vitt says hi ! Warren Pierce..
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    1968 Camaro - High end build

    Posting for a friend.. 1968 Camaro built by Performance Car Craft - high end build. Fuel injected 468 BBC, Dart Aluminum heads, FAST fuel injection system, Manley H beam rods, Manley pistons, Eagle steel crankshaft, Comp Cam, Comp pushrods, Comp rockers, K Motion springs, 8 qt Milodon pan...
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    Need auto transport recommendations please!

    Looking to potentially have a car shipped in the near future and need recommendations. Would need to be picked up in the Las Vegas area and hauled to the Birmingham, Al. area. Would want it enclosed and the company to be insured and properly licensed of course.. I appreciate any information...
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    1966 Oldsmobile 442, 4spd convertible

    Just south of Birmingham, Al.
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    1966 Oldsmobile 442, 4spd convertible

    Sorry, I thought I had posted it. $27,500 OBO, need to sell.
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    1966 Oldsmobile 442, 4spd convertible

    1966 Oldsmobile 442 4 spd convertible. Beautiful car. NO RUST and completely restored. Red ext with red interior and white convertible top. Power steering, power brakes, power antenna, power windows, power top and tilt wheel. Correct 400ci Olds 442 engine. Close ratio 4 spd transmission...
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    rest in peace TURBOCLIFF

    RIP Cliff..
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    1987 WE4 T type

    What area of Bham? Surprised I have never seen this car out. Warren..
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    1965 Chevy II trade?

    Just put it out there. Really don't think I can go through with it.. I actually tried to delete the ad but couldn't figure out how to.
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    1965 Chevy II trade?

    Not sure I am ready to do this but will see what is out there.. Looking for a NICE TR (prefer a GN) for my 65 chevy II. I have had 3 GN's and 4 T's and know these cars pretty well so please don't offer up some junk! Don't mean to sound disrespectful, just would like a nice car. Mine... 1965...
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    Clear out your PM box!