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  1. LeeRemmos

    C woods buick dealership mechanicsburg info

    Thx but I have sold my car.
  2. LeeRemmos

    Rear bumper shock needed!

    Thx and sorry for the late reply....havnt been checking this site routinely lately. I picked a set up localy a little while back and forgot to update the post
  3. LeeRemmos


    I just watched it on hulu as well....... I was late too. Great cars (especially the GN), great soundtrack, but not a great movie. Did bring back some nice memories tho.
  4. LeeRemmos

    Turbo Keith Good guy!

    I had a great experience with him as well!
  5. LeeRemmos

    Rear bumper shock needed!

    33432 is my area code. Need a driver side rear bumper shock. Text 561-789-3697 if easier
  6. LeeRemmos

    86 T Type for sale in Fl

  7. LeeRemmos

    86 T Type for sale in Fl

    TTT......thinkin about putting it on Bring a Trailer so if anyone is interested , it probably wont be for sale for that much longer. This car really is in amazing condition. I am willing to entertain offers!
  8. LeeRemmos

    86 T Type for sale in Fl

    Yes to all the above.....the jams are still orig rosewood so the stickers were saved and the sills were not removed
  9. LeeRemmos

    86 T Type for sale in Fl

    Thx, and good luck with the numbers! We still have all the orig emblems.....they are in the trunk wrapped in tape. And yeah, the red interior is def a lot diff than the grey ( which is what i have in my silver 87 - which is not for sale)
  10. LeeRemmos

    86 T Type for sale in Fl

    Forgot to add that it doesnt even drop any oil. Its in boca raton Anthony: i have all those pics but i didnt want overload the add. But, below are a few more
  11. LeeRemmos

    86 T Type for sale in Fl

    Well, didnt think it would happen....but my son is selling his T. Due to his Air Fore commitments requiring travel for alot longer than expected, we are going to make some space in th garage. I am posting here prior to going mainstream with it. My dad bought it from a dealership in Cali who...
  12. LeeRemmos

    Best car photos.......(photogenic)

    Since its to hang on the wall......maybe a black and white?
  13. LeeRemmos

    Best car photos.......(photogenic)

    One for the t types.......
  14. LeeRemmos

    Classic Auto Insurance. Suggestions?

    Hagertys! Costs me a few hundred bucks a year with no limitations on mileage or use. My wife and kids can even drive my cars with no limitations. Plus you get to set the value you want to insure. Only stipulation is you need a daily driver and a garage to keep it. I crashed my ssp mustang a...
  15. LeeRemmos

    Patching or plugging a Drag Radial

    I have plugged DR in the past.....was very hard to punch through but it worked. I agree that it is too close to the sidewall in your case. I would go for a new tire
  16. LeeRemmos

    thinking of selling a few guns Can u send a few pics and your bottom line on it please?
  17. LeeRemmos

    thinking of selling a few guns

    You sell the ar10?
  18. LeeRemmos

    Remington 870 T-14

    I saw these and was first purchase ever was a 870 back in the early 90’s. I still have it (keep it up at my cabin). The only thing that stopped me from picking one of the 14’s up was I already have a mossberg streetsweeper with a much larger magazine capacity.
  19. LeeRemmos

    Looking for an 87 Buick Turbo Regal in either Gray or Dk. Blue:

    I have this one too. I wasnt planning on selling this one but if you could forgive the silver trim, I could swap out the rims from the t top car cause i like the gn rims better This one has 70k miles and the interior is just as nice.
  20. LeeRemmos

    Wanted 86/87 T Type

    My car is back up for sale. I lowered my ask to $18,000 since I have added another to the stable. Let me know if you are interested. I am willing to deal for an easy sale to a fellow enthusiast.