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    Conley spec 2 cam

    I know it had 49? Lift. I have forgotten a lot since the shop shut down 13+ yrs ago. If I stumble across a cam card, I’ll let you know.
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    R.I.P. Janace Conley

    Im just know seeing this. Thank you for all your thoughts & prayers. Mom is in a better place for sure. Dad is doing well and involved in his local church. We are all Thankful for our friends/family & customes over the years.
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    Stage II picture thread- Let's see 'em!

    Here a old pic of mine
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    Aftermarket V/C wanted

    Looking for a set of these valve covers. Please email me at Thx, Chris
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    valve covers

    Nick, Do you still have these? They sure would look good on "BLACK"! ;-)
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    wtb oil dipstick and tube

    Are you still in need of these items?
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    WTB 86/87 Upper Dog house Plenium

    Do you still need one?
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    Looking for a clean Accessory Bracket (Big aluminum one)

    Do you still need one?
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    parts wanted

    Hope all is well with your health. I have a stock intake set up available. Let me know if you still need it?
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    Throttle body bracket / Radiator support / ECM Panel

    Are you talking about the linkage bracket. If so, I have that and the top Radiator cover.
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    ***WANTED*** M&A Valve cover for stock heads

    Please let me know what you got w/pix.
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    alternator bolt

    is it the one that has the stud on it for the intercooler bracket?
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    Buick Posters

    I have some. Check out this link. Thx, Chris
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    3400-3500 converter

    I have a Brand NEW (19930-L) California Performance Transmission Non Lock-Up Torque converter for sale. Make Offer. Thx, Chris
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    Stage II Heads w/Jessell Rockers & FRT Cover

    bump, bump!!!
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    Buick Posters FOR SALE

    All who have ordered them should have received them. I still have a lot more left if anybody else wants some.:)
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    Slammed Turbo Regal Picture Thread........

    Here is mine. Stock (worn out) rear springs & 1 coil cut off of the front Moroso drag springs. CC
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    Buick Posters FOR SALE

    Got it. E-mail me your address to Thx, Chris P.S. All posters will go out this weekend. So if you still want some, Let me know.
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    Stage II Heads w/Jessell Rockers & FRT Cover

    BUMP!!! :smile:
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    Buick Posters FOR SALE

    Poster holder is no longer avalible. ;) Still have a few more posters left.:cool: