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    Powermaster for sale

  2. G changed my life

    Just started thinking of when I bought my first GN in 2004.. Had no idea what was. I always had one hell of a time figuring out what was wrong with my car and was at the mercy of the local mechanics who didnt know squat about turbo buicks, either. The worst part was nobody...
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    Thanks Brian for handling my order for a vacuum block gasket. It was a grade "A" smooth transaction and goes to show no order is too small to get excellent service from your people!:D
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    6500 t

    Whoa! looks like it could be a WE4:cool:
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    Powermaster for sale

    yep the whole setup with the master cylinder.
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    Powermaster for sale

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    Hey thanks for the interest. The powermaster is currently still first come first served...

    Hey thanks for the interest. The powermaster is currently still first come first served. However, I understand pics are important to some so I will post pics as soon as I get my camera back it is currently on loan. Chris
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    Powermaster for sale

    Had quite pic requests, but I need a few days to get my camera back ,it is on loan. If anybody wants it right away, it is currently first come first served, or else we can wait for pics.
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    Powermaster for sale

    Used powermaster for sale out of a WE4 I just bought. Lights flicker initially when brakes are applied. Dont know what causes the flickering, just switched to vacuum since all my cars are converting to the vacuum set up. Buyer responsible for solving the brake light flickering problem. $120 shipped.
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    WTB 1987 GN, t-type, or we4 $6k

    Hey didnt know you were looking, or else I would have mentioned one I know of when I saw you the other day. He will let it go cheap and hes pretty close to us give me a call I'll give you his info.
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    87 white t

    Great choice! You would miss it anyways!
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    87 limited w leather seats

    Great looking white W02!
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    This is my experience from dealing with Kevin87TurboT: I did what is not advised by many on this board and purchased a WE4 sight unseen. To my delight, the gamble paid off. Sent Kevin the funds and he sent me the title right away. He even delivered the car 80+ miles to the nearest shipping...
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    Looking for WE-4 car

    Maybe a little less or more, depending on what you are looking for. Do you have a preference when it comes to modifications, mileage, roof options,etc? Once again I am a huge WE4 fan so I understand why you like them:cool:
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    Looking for WE-4 car

    10k should get you a pertty nice one. WE4s are my favorite Buick.
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    1986 Buick T Type Silver

    Your car looks very sharp! If I wasnt looking for a bench seat set up, I would be all over it!
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    GNBRETT for president!!

    If you win the election please give us tax write offs for restoring old cars:cool:
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    Fiero Forum Restores Dying Kids car in 24 hours.

    They pulled together and did a great job!
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    help me decide

    I would go with the prostars... the telstars are nice, too and have a 4in bs if you like, but are so expensive now. You cant go wroing with either one, though. I love the look!
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    My progress thread...

    Just read this whole thread from page 1... car looks like its coming along great, you saved it!