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  1. longball


    I live so close to Vermont that I can see it. It is like winter here too! Roads are a little rough in these parts. ;)
  2. longball

    87 GMP Buicks Streetfighter #1 of 996

    '87 Streetfighter going for as high as $155 on Ebay.
  3. longball

    Jere Gelmer (Gemler's Performance) Erie Pennsylvania contact?

    I hope that you don't use Duck Duck Go with any expectations of privacy. Other than that, it is a good browser. "However the lack of a disclosure by DDG to browser users of the Microsoft-related restriction to its protections is particularly concerning — especially in light of the stark...
  4. longball

    Turbo 6 Cap

    Hello @Sir Nick! :) I ended up buying the hat in post #6. $27.81 for hat & shipping. Good Luck With Sale! :) Longball
  5. longball

    T Top Restoration, New SS Panels, Weatherstripping and Pics, Video Of The Process.

    ^^^^^^ Nice! Not sure if they were available when we did the T-Tops in 2011. We ended up fabricating everything.
  6. longball

    Turbo 6 Cap

    Hello @Sir Nick! :) No, I have nothing to do with that store. I just use the site when I am looking for something with the GN logo on it. I am a 68 year old retired computer programmer. Nowadays I work as a roadie for rock bands in my area. Here is a picture of my highly modified low 10 second...
  7. longball

    Turbo 6 Cap

    Hello Saint Nick! For a new guy you sure drive a hard bargain! ;) I will take you up on your offer if It still stands. If the hat does not help me make any new friends I will at least have a cool story of how I got the hat! lol Let me know what postage is, and don't say $50! ha ha The link to...
  8. longball

    T Top Restoration, New SS Panels, Weatherstripping and Pics, Video Of The Process.

    Hello GNVYUS1 :) Good job on the T-Top restoration ! Reminds me of mine! Of course,many said to put a hard top on - it would be easier, cheaper, and stronger. They were right - but I wanted to keep the T-Tops, so you know the rest of the story :) The T-Top Bags you linked to look pretty nice -...
  9. longball

    Turbo 6 Cap

    Hello @Sir Nick! :) Yes, you are right, it is a bit busy, however, I like it better. For something a little less busy there is this for $21 from same place, brandy new, never been worn! ;) I agree that the design of your hat is strikingly simple, yet elegant! Glad to see that you have a sense...
  10. longball

    Turbo 6 Cap

    Keep in mind > $23 brand new here. BUICK GRAND NATIONAL FLEXFIT HAT
  11. longball

    I'm looking for a working adjustable fuel pressure regulator.

    Same here, except we didn't bring it to school because we stole it from Science class. They had a big jar of it! :)
  12. longball

    I'm looking for a working adjustable fuel pressure regulator.

    @KC87 Curious - why am I never hospitalized for weeks from mercury when I get a flu vaccine? If it never leaves my system why hasn't it built up and made me sick over the last 30 years? I need to be healthy during Trump's next 4 years. Lots of BLM folks to straighten out!
  13. longball

    Really nice MAF Translator and 3.5" LS1 MAF

    "What would it take to get a motor build by RPE" Money. And a fair amount of it! There is no money in our motors. Too few. Lots of tight tolerances. Luckily, if you have some money ready, RPE will build you one of the finest Buick motors ever built with a '109' block' or any Buick block for...
  14. longball

    86-87 Accessory Bracket Wanted

    Tom Kelly - we will be rooting for you to get an 11 second time slip tomorrow! :)
  15. longball


    Someone I know had a heart transplant and just celebrated his 25th anniversary of the procedure. We'll be rooting for you!
  16. longball

    Weight transfer...

    :ROFLMAO: Me Jack and Brian will bounce on the rear bumper when you smash the peddle down! Like this?
  17. longball

    Weight transfer...

    Check with Cotton's Performance for fun wheels up launches!
  18. longball

    New best 5857

    You've done a fine job, lad! Just get the 60ft. and tire spin under control.
  19. longball

    Street grip package

    That's cleaner than it came from the factory! You do a great job. GLWS!
  20. longball

    Well Kids, I'm pretty excited!!

    Hi TurboTGuy! Lou did a fine job... Car sounds great! Is your GN1 exhaust a dual exhaust? Looking forward to your track adventures! Keep up the great posts..