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    Who did I piss off?

    Sodium silicate looks a lot like sugar, its what was used to quickly disable a cars engine when they ran the cash for clunkers programs. You were defintly screwed over, by whom or where you may never find out but don't rule out the sodium silicate, that's where my money is.
  2. J

    Motorama 2017

    Beauty, I'm only 4 hours away too bad I missed the show.
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    tv suggestions

    OK cool, they had bad caps in their power supplies. I was going to suggest heating the power supply board up with a hair dryer / heat gun. If it powered up its the capacitors, glad you got it fixed, I've repaired a couple for friends, the caps dry out and TV does not power up or tries to power...
  4. J

    tv suggestions

    Is it a matter of it not powering up?
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    Women's March

    you can't spell "crap" without "rap".
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    New account / Members

    Thank You I passed along the info as well as a link to this thread.
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    New account / Members

    I have a coulee of buddies who are looking to join the forums and are unable to. They have gone through the steps to register however they never receive a confirmation email. Any suggestions?
  8. J

    Slight flare at shift points

    Overfill the Trans by about a quart and see if that makes a difference.
  9. J

    Similar or better replacement for a TE45A?

    Te60-1 would very well with what you have and will not break the bank and will leave you some room to grow if you port and polish the heads and add a cam down the road. When mine needed to be serviced I went with a Garrett ball bearing center section and a ptrim wheel. Either way it had...
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    RIP Charlie Frierson

    RIP, Charlie and I had never met but we had a few conversations as well when I was having issues with headers. He even offered up a drivers side header to me until I got my t/a performance unit and I'm all the way up in Canada!!!
  11. J

    Canadian car purchase

    Where in Canada?? Not that hard to bring one from U.S. to Canada but not sure about the other way around. For me to bring a car from the US to here I had to have some paper work sent to the border crossing I was going to go through 72 hrs. in advance, it was pretty straight forward.
  12. J

    Cost of stock engine rebuild in Canada

    Sounds like you got it sorted out, good stuff, see you in the spring my friend!
  13. J

    Experienced tuning shop in the Ottawa, Canada area?

    Yup a few of us would try to get together on occasion but I work shift work so that's always made it a bit difficult. Sounds like you are on the right track though. We can try and meet up sometime for sure. I would try to make it to Hazeldean Mall cruise nights on Tuesdays but that's pretty much...
  14. J

    AC Delco Ignition Module

    22-24 psi and meth on 94 octane and a tightly gapped ngkur5 plug at .028
  15. J

    Cost of stock engine rebuild in Canada

    Phil there is a guy selling a hot air motor on kijiji, it's in the car and running and according to the add it wasn't stupid high mileage either. We should also go see Joe Kavanagh who I mentioned to you he built the v6 that is in my buddy's 66 Chevy II which runs 9's. Also I spoke with my...
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    Oil Smell

    I can't stand that oil smell, I had it when I had breathers on both valve covers, I installed a catch can and the smell is usually barely noticeable after some hard pulls. Clean that breather you have on the passenger side valve cover as it may be dripping onto the header, eliminate any other...
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    Experienced tuning shop in the Ottawa, Canada area?

    I'm in Ottawa as well guys. Never mind finding a specific buick tuner here in this city, you can get some dyno time here though and there are a couple of us who can help out. If you don't already have one, I'd suggest a new modern chip which will at least allow some parameters, fueling and...
  18. J

    AC Delco Ignition Module

    I know you said you want a Delco but as an alternative you can use standard motor products lx338 it works like a charm. I had a magna vox unit which did not run my aftermarket tach, it still worked well but the lx338 is perfect. It's been on the car for years and no issues.
  19. J

    Te60 upgrade

    I rebuilt my te60 with a Garrett dual ball bearing center section, I still use the precision housing though. Spools like mad!
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    hi from ontario

    There is another Canadian in Windsor, he is selling the biggest GN1 front mount intercooler, all pipes hoses and clamps for 450$ canadian, it's on the turbo Buick owners of southern Ontario Facebook page.