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    Nos passenger side door weatherstripping

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    #526 sells at BJ

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    UNREAL X for sale!

    He was my Hagerty Agent for Judge since 98, met him at a car show, a owned a beautiful 69 Hurst Olds in white/gold. I think he owned a few really nice cars. Great man, enjoyed talking to him.
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    UNREAL X for sale!

    Mark, sorry about your friend, did he sell insurance too?
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    MOONS (TUFBUICK) #s matching '72 Stage1 is up for sale ! ! !

    Very nice! GLWS. Hope it goes to a good home, I would probably have seller's remorse!
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    1987 Buick GNX ---9700 miles

    Nothing anymore, they sold it
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    1987 GN 15k miles

    read post #20 seller says the car is sold.
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    Very nice car indeed, but the color is not gold. It is the dark chestnut I believe. If it was gold the car would have stayed in CT, my friend sold it last spring.
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    1987 turb regal

    Probably best to post in the cars for sale section. Looks like a very nice car. May want to get some shots of the engine, interior, underneath and RPO sticker
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    1987 Turbo-T; 100% Original, 11k miles, Rare Chrome Mirror (DR3) Car; Will Not Disappoint !!!

    I think you have it fairly priced, its a extremely nice car and a great story to get your original car back. I am sure your frustrated. Hope everything works out for you.
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    anybody in Columbia, SC

    SCAM, car was listed in Maine or New Hampshire as well
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    1987 Turbo Regal T

    What upgrades have you done to it since you owned it?
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    Purchase of Turbo Buick set up for E85 not in area with E85 available

    I live in NE where E85 in only available in certain parts., so I couldn't run it if I want to. Thank you for the help !
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    Purchase of Turbo Buick set up for E85 not in area with E85 available

    Hello If you purchase a turbo buick that is set up for E85 but you live in area in the country where its not available, can you leave the injectors, chip, fuel pump ie everything changed over for E85 fuel as is or do you need to change it back in order for it to run on 93 Octane? Never really...
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    87 gn frame off restored everything new must see

    FYI its at the bottom of his post
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    1987 Regal Turbo T

    No interest from your sister/daughter? or she holding out for dad's red 70 GS? Good luck, I am sure its very nice considering the others of yours I have seen. Brian
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    87 Turbo T For Sale in Michigan (originally GA car)

    G80 is the posi code
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    Manchester CT car show this Sunday August 4th

    I was there too, turbobitt's Hemi CUDA is real nice , I snapped a shot of it along with the kid seats in the rear. Did either 1 of you win anything? both have very nice cars. I was hoping there would be more buicks there, only saw about 4 gns, no 70 GS's or GSXs.
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    1987 Buick Turbo Regal Type T

    based on the plate and area code eastern TN