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    A cautionary tale

    Hope you are doing well Chuck. Short story, Father died at 51.5 of massive heart attack. I am 56 this month. 11-19-2022 I thought I may be having a heart attack, went to local hospital and yes I was. Never had chest pain but left shoulder had been bothering me for months, headaches, shortness of...
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    tire shaving machine in the 44109 area code(cleve)

    No where close to your area but check with tire shops that sell 18 wheeler tires
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    Today's Chuckism

    Who is Chuck? Is he someone important? Does he respond to questions? Is he the guy that the phrase "What the Chuck" was paraphrased after? Have a good day Chuck.
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    Fuel and it’s delivery is extremely important so:

    TurboT Guy, curious as to the value of the Cornwell box if you dont mind. I just bought a used one and hope I got a decent deal. TY
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    **BUYER BEWARE** castper67 (I am the owner of Kirban Performance)

    on my laptop, yes, laptop, hit ctrl and the plus sign or minus sign to take it back where it was.
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    Trying to find my old GN...

    Contact the last place you had the vehicle tagged in. They should still have it on file
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    Paging the Grass Doctor - lawn questions please

    My ignorant opinion, Rain water is much better than drinking water. Collect your rain water in 55 gallon drums off of your roof and water with that.
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    Good time to sell your Nike stock

    Hatred??? I disagree with anyone that does not support this country. If it is so horrible, LEAVE and do not come back. President Trump?? It appears he is trying to get our country back towards doing things correctly, I do not follow politics because most of them are concerned with lining their...
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    Good time to sell your Nike stock

    Even though they are overpriced, I liked the shoes. Will not buy them until they correct a stupid mistake if they can recover
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    Muffler recomendations

    Considered adding a glass pack inline with the muffins you have now? Cheap, get at any parts store, and will be quieter, Just a cheap bassards idea
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    Wheel fittment?

    I read the sticky Good wheel and tire info and it states the bolt pattern is 5 by 4 3/4. It is just above your original post and has lots of info
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    Anyone replaced a quarter panel before?

    R U going to make sure the frame is straight? Maybe put in some extra bracing while you are there??
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    Home Energy usage reduction

    If you want to be a cheap bastard like me, go to Wal Mart or any store and buy a window insulation kit= basicaly saran wrap with double stick tape to insulate your windows. I very seldom open my windows and it is clear. No one will notice unless you tell them. If you dont like it, minimal...
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    Solar Power

    Thanks Earl. That is very helpful. The local electrical company charges $42 a month whether you use electricity or not plus they have high rates. Trying to minimize what they take out of my pockets. Not worried about the govt helping me. They help those who feel like they dont need to or want...
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    Solar Power

    Small town, no local installers. I am looking at total solar power, no power company at all. I asked about selling the company excess power and got a "What?" as a reply. Small town, Curious as to solar water heater, DC Appliances, et cetera. May not be feasible but I am interested in any...
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    Solar Power

    Anyone knowledgeable on this? I know nothing but am interested in learning to include powering an entire house-- Lighting, HVAC,Water Heater, Refrigerator-- you get the picture. Any ideas or links appreciated. Thank You I did use the search function but everything was 10 years old from what I saw.
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    Winch Question

    Unless you are going to be using the winch a lot, have you considered a mechanical(hand operated) one? Just takes a little bit of effort with little to go wrong.
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    New A/C compressor lines??

    Take them to your local hydraulic shop or NAPA is who I used last time