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    New to e85

    Just wondering what all is needed for a conversion. I already have 83# injectors, MaxEffort ME-R system, billet regulator, Racetronix pump. System is already a bit rich as is but leaned out in cruise mode to get 25mpg on the highway.
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    Killed my gn lastnight-need a motor

    I am in Las Cruces, NM. 88007 zip code. I need to dig thru my storage again tomorrow night. I can see them, I just need to get to them and verify.
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    Killed my gn lastnight-need a motor

    I have a set of #7 heads for an old project 350 that was going to go into the wife's old 72 Cutlass. That project is long gone and these heads are sitting somewhere in my storage.
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    leak down test

    I just finished putting a new set of heads on an 87 that had some cylinders in the 15% range and others in the 39% range. Valves were not seating very good. Compression check said 100 across the board. After heads, 130 and 4-6% leakage. New timing set also while it was all out and apart. Car...
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    "Wanna race?"

    What if you couldn't do it on a Saturday and had to do it Sunday? Can it still be done? ;)
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    posi rearend

    All my hotairs (5) had non posi diffs. I had to install posi in 2 of them (1GN and 1 T Type). Others I left open diff. My 87 already had factory posi installed. Much better driving in my opinion.
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    posi rearend

    G87 stands for the 8.5" differential. Either G80 will be there or not determining if factory posi install.
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    black boxs

    Center Airbag Control Module is usually what they are. Mounted securely to the body (under console either dash area or near where the seat backs are in Toyotas.
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    Extreme automatics

    He has had a touch of the flu lately and I had a minor glitch with him but he made it right and went WAY above and beyond. He is a class act for sure. Being a one-man operation is a killer. :-)
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    Do those "Pink" Converters Rattle?

    I don't know the frequency of the rattle of the Vigilante, but knock sensors are tuned to a certain frequency that knock produces. I can only speculate that it shouldn't affect it.
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    "Wanna race?"

    "Looks like I picked the wrong day to stop sniffin' glue..."
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    Do those "Pink" Converters Rattle?

    Have had a Vigilante in my car for the last 5 years and not a peep out of it. "0" pump, single disc lockup and have 11.4@117 at 20psi on it. Street and strip driven. 500 mile road trips sometimes. No issues.
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    What’s my tranny worth?

    Factory boost valve was a .471'' so I am guessing you meant a .500" throttle valve. I agree with jd on price. :-)
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    CK Performance Full Billet 2004r

    I never understood the "disconnected" cable. The car doesn't operate that way. That is way below minimum setting. If cable comes off and exhaust checkball is removed from case, trans burns up if under heavy load. I check with cable always hooked up. Check one notch looser to compare pressures...
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    BQ vs BRF

    If you like the shifting characteristics, swap servo and have fun. If you don't like the way 1-2 or 2-3 shifts, that can be altered with calibration kit. :-)
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    BQ vs BRF

    And not all GNs had perfect emblem placement. Just going off GM literature and not all is perfect. They are man made objects, after all.
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    BQ vs BRF

    If unmolested, an '84 will not have a hardened sun shell. 85 and later had hardened shells.
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    What is the stalll of the factory 12" D5 torque convertor?

    Here is the page you need.
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    This is what I have been doing..... A Great Feel Good Story On the News

    God Bless you Bruce. That is a great thing you did. Thumbs up!!!!