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    FS: NOS GM and Performance Parts

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    01 Regal LS Supercharged New best!

    hey is your LS a top swap conv.? or did u convert it to L67?
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    3800 series II top swap question

    ok, I've recently read where a n/a flywheel has a smaller weight than the s/c flywheel. usually when that is the case the harmonic balancer is weighted diff aswell. my question is guys doing a top swap with s/c balancer, what has to be changed? if anything. please
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    Long oil filter options?

    is it possible to get a long filter in the stock location? 98 gtp
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    Ac Vacuum tank

    vacuum reservoir ball he means. I think. junkyard has plenty.
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    Engine Failure

    rule no# when owning a TR, keep your receits but DONT add them up. LOL
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    Pushrod questions

    Learn something everyday......smh
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    brf issues

    I had my brf trans. rebuilt locally. Had alot of upgraded hard parts in it including a billet servo's with a .500 boost valve. my problem is a low to moderate throttle it shift's real hard just like I wanted, but at wot it shifts smooth. I would like some outside info on this from some trans...
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    What am I working with?

    Congrats on your purchase. Alot of work? yes. Just dont get too frustrated. In the long run it will be well worth the effort. Oh and try to have fun while doing it.
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    old thread but, I was wondering how much messaging of the trans tunnel etc. is needed to physically fit a 4L80E in there?
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    Radiator replacement

    I'd call them first to find out. The add says modification of the support is required to install also. 2 core design.
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    Hydroboost Nightmare!!

    you can go to auto zone and get one for a 84-85 TR, factory equiptment with a lifetime warranty
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    My First GN. Finally~!

    welcome to the club, Ken! only advice, don't get discouraged, lol
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    Tips for adjusting column linkage

    yes, they all have that column rod thing, when I put my new tranny in I had that rod mis-adjusted and was driving around town with the reverse lights on, in drive. G-bodies have that rod also, back in the day if we broke a shift cable you could shift the tranny with the steering column collar.
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    Hybrid build!!!! My new 1983 Regal Estate Wagon

    that is literally a "grocery getter" lol
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    5.0 Ford 5 speed turbocharged GN build

    I think he gave up already....
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    5.0 Ford 5 speed turbocharged GN build

    what oil pan did you use? the older style rear sump pan?
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    Slammed Turbo Regal Picture Thread........

    no such thing as a bad pic of a TR, :-)
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    LS1/f-body rear brake swap

    either a proportioning valve or just hollow out your existing proportioning valve.
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    Series II L67 Grand National??!!??

    I have a 700R4 out of an '84 blazer S-10 (2.8L bell) suppose to bolt right up to L67, non- computer trans.