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    TurboDave has Passed Away

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    Why does Chuck E Cheese serve beer?

    Because Mommy needs a drink!
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    Happy Birthday to Michelle Norton (girlish moderator)

    Thank you for all the birthday wishes! :) Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    We live in Asheville! :)
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    Newest Norton

    Our new addition..... (sorry guys, it's not a Buick this time!) This is Leo. :)
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    IOS 7 who got it? What cha think?

    Got it on the iPhone and iPad. Seems to work pretty good, but takes some getting used to. Safari is not working on my iPad now thought, whereas it was before.
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    Which lake are you considering? :)
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    Happy Birthday, Michelle:

    Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes!
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    Kinda Worried...

    Attendance was way down this year! Maybe it was the weather. Maybe the economy. :(
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    3/24/01 Sent from my iPad using Turbo Buick
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    Steve Hurst:

    OMG! Prayers to his family. What a shock. May he rest in peace!
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    Indy 500 5-27-12 Noon Est.

    YEAH! Dario! Thankful for the shade we were seated in, because it was hot out there!
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    What is the dumbest question someone has asked you about your car?

    OMG! Priceless..... I'm still laughing about this one!
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    GNX405 Video

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    All Staff, Please Read

    Looks to be working or me so far. Great work on the site. It looks fabulous!
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    Don Wang (DonWG) (Santee) Happy Birthday:

    Happy Birthday Don!!!
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    Latest Mistress !

    A Yankee from California? That's a new one.... Yankees are from the north.... And I'm a Yankee and still alive. Southerners are nicer than you think! I thought you might be nice and see that I need my own Lightning and just leave it in our garage! I've always wanted one in white to match...
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    Latest Mistress !

    I am crying! Your 3rd! We're still on our first! I have a soft spot for white cars! Why don't you just drive that pretty white Lightning out here to Asheville.
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    Latest Mistress !

    Awwwww. :(. I've always liked the white Lightnings! Sad....
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    new site issues!

    I seem to be having this same issue, but on an iPad. The add blocks out not only what is mentioned by Don, but also under my user preferences. It blocks most of the fields to the point I cannot make any changes. :(