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    2016 Fast List

    ill be there with murphster wed-sat plans to race though
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    Champion Heads for TTA and matching intake 210/215 roller

    I'll take everything except for the cam, shoot me a pm with payment instructions. thanks
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    Anyone else have this happen?

    pacecarta on firechasers PC be gentle and spin it backward with a pick . 9 out of ten it spins out
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    R12 Refrigerant

    What's my bottle worth?!?
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    160 smart fire injectors

    Bump for ya, nonoss38 bought my car this past August, I purchased the injectors new from Hartline just a few months before I sold it and put maybe 100 miles on them before selling the car
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    Crank, IC, FAST, Inj.

    PM'ing on the MSBC
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    HR Bar or Spohn bar

    Yeah...and of course u reminded me it had a stock sway bar...
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    HR Bar or Spohn bar

    Oh boy...I've been avoiding calling you because both my cars need trans attention!
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    HR Bar or Spohn bar

    For my in ZIp code 19067 for shipping. Thanks
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    TR Custom

    X3...And he is great with replying/helping to emails if your unsure on fitment, etc
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    Save me a rear filler for Saturday if there still available
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    1987 White Turbo T - low 10 second car

    PM Sent...
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    10" PTC converter

    Yeah um interested, could you PM me a price and I'm assuming its a PTC? Also I can wait. Thanks
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    Need help on T/A Value

    Yes, PM me the last 6 & I will find out what number you are
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    10" PTC converter

    Looking for a 10" PTC for a 2004R to run behind a 49 Turbo so around 2800 stall. PayPal ready. Thanks!
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    stock bottom end 109 block?

    pacecarta posting from firechasers PC low low 10s ..with tune one mishap and parts will break fast.. couple of us were seeing what we could push it to on 93 and alky approaching the 9 sec area the pistons were giving up first the crank and rods have been further as the fasted 109 93/alky car...
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    TTA Steering Wheel w/controls for sale

    I'll take it, shoot me a PM on how you want payment ( I have PayPal ). My shipping zip is 19067. Thanks, Bob
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    CAS V2

    For a TTA...Thanks
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    TH400 Crossmember

    you can also use the 2004r crossmember and a stock 2004r mount ($11.00) , just open the mounting holes to the trans a little wider and your done , i would just cut in from ends and then the mounting holes are slotted for adjusting