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    TR6 ignition system

    Location ?
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    Oil pump thrust plate

    Better hot idle oil pressure , steel expands less than aluminum keeping the clearances tighter when heat soaked ! IMO
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    C-clip elimnators

    Location ?
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    Reduced-$23k 86 T Type Restored Grey on Grey Leather Colum Shift

    People ! Really ! This car is as nice as U will ever find and for the asking price it is a Deal !!!
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    PTS 9/11 converter repair

    Check your brake pedal switch adjustment ! Ya never know
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    Head Gasket Recommendations

    Poo , poo
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    Weber Racing?

    Top notch People !!!
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    Trans wines

    Yup just went thur this , bad torrington bearing in the convertor !
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    favorite turbo for stock heads and cam?

    6131 , works good ! Real Good :)
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    Very Nice ! love the colours GLWS
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    CAS V-2 Front Mount Intercooler

    Location ?
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    Parting out 1986 T-Type

    Thought U would like too see one of your cars !!!
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    Gn1 aluminum 8 bolt heads

    212/206 ductile roller and pac 1201 springs from Weber's . I have run this set with ported irons and hd rocker shafts, braces and stock rockers , with no issues . word on the street it will work with the Champion GN 1 8 bolt heads . Would just like to transfer them over , I think different head...
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    Gn1 aluminum 8 bolt heads

    Says u can run stock rockers on these , Has anybody tried and if so how did it go ?
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    Fender Lip Rolling Question

    8.5 VECTORS WITH 275/60/15 , no rubs :) This is the tight side too , would need adjustable upper arms to center the rear perfectly !