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    Turbo T wheels and tires

    Hmmm is right. I just rifled my texts from the last week or so and don’t see anything regarding my wheels. No voicemail and I don’t what area code you’re calling from. My email address is Might be a better way anyway so I can send better pictures to you. Thx.
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    Turbo T wheels and tires

    I’ve never shipped anything before and wouldn’t know where to start. I can stack them and secure them to a pallet for shipping. You would have to arrange for someone to pick them up. send me your email address if you’re still interested so I can send you better pictures. The wheels are very...
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    Turbo T wheels and tires

    Mint condition with center caps and Ironman 215/65/15 tires dated 4/21. Located in Houston area. $800 or best offer. 832-418-0022
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    Turbo T easy engine upgrades

    Thank you everybody! I didn’t expect so many people to be immediately helpful. I test drove the car a few miles on Monday and only really hit the loud pedal once. Ran like a stock turbo car. It’s supposed to be delivered to Houston next week and I’ll tool around a couple days first. Thanks again.
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    Turbo T easy engine upgrades

    Greetings - I just purchased an 87 Turbo T car. It’s an unmodified survivor with 46,000 miles. I was planning on going with a K&N cone style filter and a chip only. I’m 67 now and my days of beating on GNs are over. I’d just like a little more pep. Anyway, can someone give me advice on which...
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    86-87 T-Type wanted

    Hello! I ran a wanted ad for a Limited T-Type a few months ago. I knew they were scarce, especially since I’d like a nice car either unmodified or with light mods. I’m widening the net by not requiring a limited. Again, I’m a private collector and won’t insult you with a cheesy offer. If you...
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    Can’t donate or post messages

    Greetings. Great site! I’ve tried a half dozen times to donate $50 but I get an Oops message. Same message I get when I try to post under Cars Wanted. Thanks for your help!
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    Low-mile 87 Limited wanted

    Greetings from Houston! I am looking for a low-mile Limited T-Type and would greatly appreciate any leads. I’m a private collector and will not waste your time or insult you with an offer. I have a budget of $45,000 and would like to buy the nicest car available for under that price. I’m a new...