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    Tracking device

    *****Mine too. The actual remover of the threat only weighs between 115 and 230 grains as well, and has a pretty high rate of speed once let loose... :LOL: The SPOT trace device does work well though - I know pilots and hikers/campers that have them as backup for other devices in case they...
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    do you think you would win a fight against a ape?

    *****I took a comparative anatomy class in grad school and there was a huge emphasis on non human primates (basically chimps, apes, etc..) and humans. One of the videos we were shown was of a 200lbs weight lifter curling about 135 lbs on a standard olympic bar with two 45 lbs plates on each...
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    87 T..

    *****I'm thinking some NuFinish and that bad boy looks new!!!! There's a guy in my area who has a GN that is all beat to crap. Full of coffee cups and fast food wrappers, etc.. Several of us who own GN's have tried to buy the car off him but he refuses to sell. Seems to run ok. Quite...
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    I have to say, it was a good day.

    *****I've had great days like that. Congrats and it sounds like you had a great meal too!! People that grew up in the 80's recognize the Buick GN. I was at the gym over the weekend doing my usual bench press and curls, while totally ignoring my legs so I look like Arnold up top, and...
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    Looking for advice

    ******Well ya.... That's why Chuck Norris shaves with one. :) Next yer gonna say it's a bad idea to belt sander mill a slightly off head or block to make a good head gasket surface!!! :LOL: Those that have been around a while mebbe remember the first gen M&A Aluminum heads....Porosity...
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    Thinking about suspension upgrades.

    ***** If stuff is worn out on your cars suspension of course get it fixed but my car handled a LOT better after I replaced the front sway bar with a hollow one from I think a Camaro or some other car (it's been a few years..) The rear I replaced with an ATR bar and it made the original sway bar...
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    GN in the movies

    ****Was this the movie with John Holmes as a pipe fitter and air leak mitigation specialist? His assistant was Ron Jeremy and the love interest was Minnie Driver ? Or, am I thinking of a different movie? The GN had an astro roof and Spool Fool bumper fillers, and the ATR exhaust with Pitbull...
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    When did I get so old????

    *****I saw Air Supply and REO Speedwagon in Mexico some time back. Due to the exchange rate I'm not sure if the tickets cost me $20 each or $2000 each but the concert was good! I guess everyone has to make a living! It was a really small venue with almost all US people listening. Those...
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    GN Salvage Yards

    *****Some people need a bit of time to respond to threads. Lots of good movies came out in 2004 !!! Also, there may now be even more junkyards with GN's in them full of stuff like bumper fillers, powermaster brake switches,Powermaster accumulator bowls, nice and clean hoodliners, BRF...
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    Cuts out while rolling into boost

    *****Crank sensor. Easy fix and relatively cheap compared to having car towed home or to shop when it fails completely.
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    Rear main seal

    *****Mine cost about $250 to replace. The Crossover pipe would normally have been a big hangup but I had recently replaced it with an aftermarket one and used new bolts, etc... I was amazed how quickly the mechanic did the job! Even happier to not have my garage floor full of oil spots from...
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    What do you prefer?

    *****When I carry. it's a Glock 43 with pinky extender and night sights. IWB holster. Round in chamber. For me, anything bigger is just cumbersome and makes it less likely I will bother carrying it. I've carried a nice smaller barrel Nighthawk with laser in .45 but I noticed the weight...
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    ****She looks real high maintenance tho... Probably expects fresh, non GMO, and Gluten free grass...
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    Birthday Present

    *****I have a 43 and have shot it a lot at IDPA type shoots. I have the pinky extender on mine, and a trigger upgrade kit. The 43x is on my buy list for sure since I'm neither big, nor have a fast flickering tongue!. I am handy around the house tho... :D
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    Octane Booster - Xylene Questions

    *****I used to use Xylene many years ago, when it was like $7 a gallon. It did work well, but then good quality alcohol injection systems came out and I have used that setup very very succesfully. The alcohol injection is on demand only and boost controlled, etc... It's an expensive up...
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    Crank sensor measurements

    Use a noid light for the injectors, while cranking engine. The model above can also check the IAC for signal. If you have no flashing SES light, it is possible you have a poorly seated chip, bad chip, improper chip for application, or other ECM related issue. Older cars with original ECM...
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    Crank sensor measurements

    ****How long since the car last started? Did you check the injector fuse in the fuse block? grounds at the back of the cylinder head? I had a similar problem that turned out to be 3 bad injectors even though they were relatively new injectors. They had rusted somewhat shut. Are the...
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    Burned up TTA coming up for auction, New Oleans

    ****Oh Cmon' Some Nu Finish wax (mebbe use some polishing compound first if you are really picky ), Armor all on the tires and mebbe dash to help prevent sun damage, and perhaps a good GNTTYPE Spring cleaning/tuning and that bad boy is ready to burn some rubber! It says right on the...
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    Crank sensor measurements

    *****I've done the matchbook thing, or a plastic soda bottle piece, etc.. and it works of course. However, after so many years, it might be a good idea to make sure the clearance is ok on all slots to rule out a bent reluctor ring, or wobbly one from a possible loose crankshaft bolt - a known...
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    Valve body removal instructions anywhere?

    ******Back in the olden days, it was either a B&M Transpak kit or Art Carr. When you have the valve body off, the sealing metal plate was usually stamped B&M or Art Carr from when I did mine, as well as several of my friends cars.. They were very similar but had checkball differences and one...