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    Best GNX style 16” wheels

    Rick can you post those pics if you still have them or I can PM you my # thanks
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    GN1 Fmic and center caps

    I’ll tskw the centers PM me your PayPal thanks
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    Ta 60 turbo and CAS V4 INTERCOOLER f/s

    I’ll take the intercooler
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    Buick Sportsman XFI install help

    older laptop. I'm downloading windows update, and that has the files built into it. thanks
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    Buick Sportsman XFI install help

    Thanks ill look for it now, I'm guessing just drop it in the main file folder for the software? edit: i looked on the flash drive there isn't any extra files there. ill look on the web
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    Buick Sportsman XFI install help

    installing the xdi software, I'm getting a system error the reds the program can't start because api-ms-win-crt-runtime-11-1-0.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem. I reinstalled the software and still no file. Is this an update file? I can't...
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    New guy

    i found a chip and test pipe in mine, beyond that it was stock. 10,900 miles when i bought it 3 years ago, original paint, original brake bowl too. i think it still had original air filter in it; man it was dirty.
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    Precision Vigilante 9.5 Multi Disc Lock Up

    Pm me PayPal details. Thanks.
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    pittsburgh members!!!!

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    2016 Buick GS Nats Dates Announced!

    The search function stinks, so i hope this it the most accurate thread for BG 2016. Do you all think there is a need for dent repair at BG this year? I know there was a guy at Richard Clarks in May. I am a 22 year tech in paintless dent repair and thinking about bringing my tools. my website...
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    Just made the switch

    Ken this thread is a little old but i friended you on FB, I got my detonation issues sorted out with help from turbotimmer and am going back to e85.
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    BIG Parts List & 37,000 Mile Parts Plus NOS Parts

    PM sent on intake thanks Mike
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    Buick City License Plates celebrating 80 years from 1983

    paypal coming on one more
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    New & Used Gray Horn Caps

    I'll take #3. Getting on a plane in 30 minutes. PM me with PayPal address. Thanks.
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    Repro billet horn ring - ebay one

    AH!!!! Yes i have one of those in "storage"
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    Repro billet horn ring - ebay one

    i ordered one from ebay "the parts place" retailer. it had tons of color flakes, and in the sunlight looked pearlescent. needless to say I returned it. I had one of Dennis' rings in my hand last weekend at the Kirban spring meetup, It was in a box next to Pete's little station. It looked...