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    Stretch TTA intercooler.

    This one must be special then. It was in my TTA from years ago and didn't hit the sway bar.
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    Repair shop questions.

    Pulled cooling fans.
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    Repair shop questions.

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    Repair shop questions.

    Ask and you shall recieve. I just grabbed what I thought you might need. If I'm missing something let me know I can pull it up.
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    Repair shop questions.

    Make sure everything under the hood is bolted down for a proper ground. It's hard to follow the bullitans because I obviously don't have the vehicle to hook up the scan tool. Once I have the vin I hope it narrows down the known issues.
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    Repair shop questions.

    I looked into my GM Connect and there are a few TSB's that could possibly relate to this issue. Mostly electrical. Give me the last 8 of the vin so I can narrow it down. In the meantime make sure wiring harness under drivers seat isn't shot and that the wiring isn't getting hung up in the brake...
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    Working for a GM dealer.

    Its exciting. The downside is I am in a rural area so, a lot of trucks. Not too many cars. We will see as time comes. I am not sure on how my dealer does demo cars as of yet. We will see.
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    Working for a GM dealer.

    I havent had a chance to see exactly what's going on cause I have been training. From what I have seen almost everything is discontinued.
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    Working for a GM dealer.

    I am now working for a GM dealer. Chevrolet Buick. I will be in charge of the parts department. It's pretty cool I can do something I love to do, and regular hours with benefits.
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    Where did everyone go..

    I hope you are right cause this place is done for as of now. It's super sad. Although my username doesn't show it I have had a few others and started here around 97-98 or so. This forum was always hopping and the place to be.
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    Street Machine Nationals

    Who is going to Du Quoin this year?
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    2 stock Downpipes

    $70 for both plus shipping.
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    Original TTA Emblem set cheap

    Pulled off of my wrecked TTA. Priced to sell cause the money is worth more to me now then these do. First $250 gets them all shipped.
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    TTA Emblems

    2 listings Look at this on eBay Look at this on eBay
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    Used TTA emblem set

    Listed on ebay would like to sell elsewhere to avoid fees. Look at this on eBay
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    New Rear Bird Emblem

    Listing on ebay. I would like to sell elsewhere to avoid the fees. Look at this on eBay
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    Cleaning Storage unit. TTA and buick parts

    New prices. Up pipes- $35 a piece Coil packs- $40 a piece TTA TTop bag- $80 TTA sunshade- $45