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    Service Manual

    Thanks Jeremy..... I bought the CD eons ago for like $10 to go with my factory 25 lb. hardcopy and it has been invaluable for 'long-distance' diagnosis. Glad everything has worked out for you and thanks for enduring what you went thru (probably few know...) when you first put this out. If anyone...
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    PWR BRK current draw

    Coolant Fan Delay Relay..... unplug that and see if it kills the draw.... it's the closest to the windshield of the three on the DS fenderwell, known for failure and running the battery down, and not necessary for proper fan function..... just unplug it and tape it off. it's in the same...
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    bad idle UP and Down

    if it runs fine when you nail it, it's (probably) not the maf... if it has the stock chip, it is hard to tell... they idle like crap at cold start... mine always died at least once, even when new... very light throttle with the stock chip was not great either... hiccups were very common...
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    GSXR1000...Should I run for $$

    Good :)
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    I have a story you will never believe

    I think I might try a couple smokin, squealin' launches in front of his house to see if it woke him up... maybe he'll come out and give you the thumbs up... or the finger, until he saw who's doing it???
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    Genious know-it-all with 36 posts...:rolleyes: OK, oh great one, since GM is so 'stupid', why did they put vacuum brakes on the Turbo TA?? yea, I guess the fuse has a resistance monitoring circuit that warns when the fuse is about to blow, and 'gives you a few warning signs'...:rolleyes...
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    valve spring / pushrod question

    stay with the stock pushrods in your case.... the valve springs you are ordering are basically stock replacements...(not a bad idea, and probably needed)... stock pushrods are fine with those springs.... clean 'em up and be your money for something beneficial... new pushrods are...
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    KYB Gas-A-Just Shocks NEW Set- $100 shipped

    2nd in line if he' sho'...
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    Tuning Timing with Casper's Cap

    You are wasting your time... period... scan tool or not... (why would you not have a scan tool??? :confused:) read this... well explained... FAQ-Buick Turbo Regal Chips - Thrasher Engineered Performance read #23-25 for your question... read it all for your general education.... oldie...
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    ECM reset

    Yea.... my bad... correct... but bmcomputersvc was a major distributer also if i'm not mistaken??.... I'm old too.... obviously... :tongue:
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    ECM reset

    Hilarious.... I was just going to post a WOW!!! Where has BMComputerSvc (maker of DirectScan) been all these years... funny....:) I believe you are close to the record... and TurboDave/Bob... your ages are showing!!!! :biggrin:
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    Vintage GN video

    Heck ya! Hilarious! :biggrin: My buddy and I used the Kenne Bell chip back then and were into doing huge smokey donuts in any parking lot that we could find full of kids (like us) with T/A's, IROC's, and 5.0's... also LOVED racing all the kids with late 60's/early 70's chevy, pontiac, ford...
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    My clothes smell like gas

    Those numbers are perfect... IAC=32 is fine...
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    had a scary moment racing

    I saw that on TV and said out loud, "WTF???, why did he pull the chute THEN??"... that was lucky as hell.... glad nothing came of it... I'm not a Force fan... 'specially after that BS last year when he 'struck the tires at the hit' against Hight to get him into the chase....big freakin'...
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    Getting the STAGE 2 TTA Together... few pics...

    Wow.... as much as I hate to admit it, I watched some of that series last year (my wife loves it), and they showed Jeff and Gretchen riding thru Indy in a horse drawn carriage, and then at the Indy 500 (where she seemed to be drunkenly flirting with all the guys)... It was his last trip to Indy...
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    bumper guards

    I installed the 'bumperette/guard' assemblies on my car (they were missing from a previous accident) without removing the bumper. As I remember, it took a bit of a contortionist act under the front of the car, and a unique combination of socket/extensions, but wasn't a big deal... took maybe...
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    Wow,i scored!!can't wat to cruise in this one!!!

    Scam, scam, scam... google does not hold money, nor does ebay... but go ahead, lol.... free shipping... right.... :rolleyes:
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    Has anyone ever filed a Paypal dispute?

    +1 absolutely.... I would NEVER give my checking acct. # to paypal.... just use the credit card to fund your paypal acct..., and you are covered no matter what... if paypal won't fix it, the credit card company will.... I can't believe people don't understand this.... once the money is gone from...
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    1987 Turbo T

    I have a very low mile, silver, twin-turbo V8, ex-FBI '87 Turbo T I'd consider trading for the GNX... please post pics and I will too...:)