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    Limit Engenering turbo problem's (CHOPPER)

    It seems like this is more of a Limit bashing thread than anything else. Without pictures, the claims are basically worthless. Please show some pics. Limit is one of the best Turbo Builders in the industry. One thing about the Limit Turbo "not spinning": Limit uses a lot of assembly grease...
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    need some advice, 60/65 High Imp. Injectors

    117 HP per cylinder, times 6 cylinder = 702 crank horsepower, at 90% DC. The T70 is rated at 820hp by Precision. I don't see an iron headed engine making over 700hp with a T70. If you wanted to be safe, you need some 72 lbm/hr injectors if you are going balls to the wall.
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    46mm Tial Wategate

    If you use the GT42R exhaust housing, it has a 5" V-Band outlet. If you run the T4 exhaust housing, it has a 4" V-Band outlet.
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    GT40 vs GT40R

    The GT40R is not an upgrade over the GT40. The GT40 actually has a larger inducer (technically smaller wheel), but the same exducer. You will make more power with the GT40 than with the 40R. If you have enough stall to spool this turbo 3200+, then you do not even need to worry about the...
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    Almost Christmas Sale!

    We have not had a special in a while, so here goes. Limit Engineering turbos: ----- TE49, TE60, TE61, TE62 $760.00 ----- TE44, TE60, TE61, TE62 $760.00 ----- TE67 (67mm compressor with TO4E compressor housing and P trim exhaust) $760.00 ----- TE45a (P-Trim Exhaust)...
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    CP Pistons for Buicks?

    Axe and you shall receeve!
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    CP Pistons for Buicks?

    CP does not offer Retail Pricing as they only sell to Distributors (Me), and dealers. Basically, the price can be whatever we want it to be. I sell the pistons for $725.00 to board members. Regular price is $775.00. We have not had a lot of customers buy the CP Pistons for the Buicks...
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    CP Pistons for Buicks?

    I prefer CP over JE. The pistons are forged. The CP Pistons come with rings, pins and locks. Another piece of info that I found out at SEMA: 1 in 3 cars in NASCAR are running CP Pistons.
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    CP Pistons .020 Over 9:1

    These pistons are for the 3.8 Liter, with 0.020 overbore. The compression is 9:1. You get 6 pistons, 6 pins, 24 wire lock retainers and 6 sets of rings. The rings are awesome for high boost applications and nitrous (for you nitrous junkies). These rings seat very quickly compared to moly...
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    1700+ Seturbo Xtreme Intercooler

    Do you have any pics of the core by itself? I would like to see the construction of the core itself ie: the tubes. Thanks!
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    Greddy Profec B2 - Spoolup ?

    I am bringing this one back for those that want to know more about the electronic boost controllers. The spool setting basically limits the signal going to the wastegate actuator. This means that the actuator will not get an "open" signal until a set point. You can keep raising this setting...
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    gt67 thoughts?? thanks

    How fast have you gone with the TE44? How much faster do you want to go? The GT67 will need 3500 stall to be a good responding street turbo. The GT61 will need 3300-3500 stall to be a good street turbo. The GT61 will get you low 11s in most applications. The GT67 will get high 10s in...
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    Boost with Grainger

    Assuming the wastegate actuator spring is strong enough to hold the puck closed against the backpressure, the Grainger Valve will be able to get you as much pressure as your turbo can possibly make.
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    Boost cant be lowered

    You should try the wastegate setting without the RJC controller. That will rule out either the controller or the wastegate. If the wategate hole can not flow enough exhaust, the exhaust will go through the turbine and spin the turbo even faster, which will make more boost.
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    Aem Ems

    AEM has a new wasted spark system that is fully contained. It will be able to replace the stock set up. The set up is very similiar to the TEC II/III systems, but the AEM coils are wound differently. They are not yet available though. Very soon they will be relaesed.
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    AEM engine management?

    I have not tried an AEM box on a TR yet. We just finished AEM training on the EMS box. When we get the second round of training, we will be able to get ahold of the universal box. The plan is to get something set up to run the universal box with the TRs. As far as what you are doing, you...
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    ATR Down Pipes in Stock!

    Since ATR Down Pipes are on back order, we ordered a few sets. They are the part # DP303B for the 86-87 Turbo Regal. This is the 3" Stainless Steel Down Pipe with a Cut Out and all of the hardware needed to install. Price is $399 plus shipping on the sets that we have!
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    CP Pistons ready to go!

    Guys and gals, we have our first batch of Buick pistons since we became a distributor for CP Pistons. We are ordering pistons a little at a time to see what the response will be. The Buick pistons are custom and take 4-6 weeks to be made. We have one set in stock. These ones are for the...
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    Innovate Wide Band Parts Have Arrived!

    We have a large order coming in next week. We will have everything in stock. Because it is such a large order, we need to move everything quick like! We price match all other advertised prices of all authorized dealers[ for Innovate Motorsports Wide Band Parts. Plus, if you mention this ad...
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    Innovate Wide Band Parts Have Arrived!

    We now have, in stock, the LC-1 Stand Alone Controller Kits. We also have the Innovate XD-1 Guages (Meters) in stock as well. Back Dial/Aluminum Bezel XD-1 Black Dial/Black Bezel XD-1 White Dial/Aluminum Bezel XD-1 White Dial/Black Bezel XD-1