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    drivers seat outer hinge

    I sold my grand national a few years back and found this is a parts box. If anyone want this call me at 404-488-9100 and I can send it to you. First come first served. Kel
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    Radio repairs

    Send it to Tony. Excellent service and price.
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    Brake light on sensor leaking

    Did you figure it out? Do you have the power master?
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    1987 Buick Grand National 16,343 miles

    Car is *SOLD*SOLD*SOLD* to a lucky buyer.
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    Upgraded Factory Radio Users

    Tony in the earlier post did an excellent job and I suggest anyone wanting the factory radio use this guy.
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    Molly Signatures

    What pacecarta said is about all the info I have also. I believe he signed lots of things at those events. Some people had dash or other things signed. I've got window sticker truck id owners manual and some other Buick literature that came with the car. Maybe Dennis Kirban has more info.
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    Molly Signatures

    I've got the same thing. It looks legit to me. I hope it adds value to the car.
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    1987 Buick Grand National 16,343 miles

    I don't. It was done by the second owner. Feel free to call. 404-488-9100 if you still have questions. I totally understand.
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    Classic Auto Insurance. Suggestions?

    I had coverage on the GN with State Farm for 2 yrs and as the 3rd year premiums were due I was double checking coverage and had been lied to as to agreed value. I didn't even have it at all once it got down to it. They totally misinformed me and luckily nothing happened in the first 2 years or...
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    Classic Auto Insurance. Suggestions?

    American collectors insurance $40,000 agreed value 5,000 miles a year $428 a year
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    Ruger Sp101

    I know add is old and gone but have to ask if you still have it
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    Had the same experience. Awesome guy
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    1987 Buick Grand National 16,343 miles

    It is still for sale. I'm just outside of Atlanta Ga.
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    Seat fabric for Recaros

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    Seat fabric for Recaros

    Carbons has some from what I hear