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    I recently had a motor professionally built, the guy is not a 3.8 specialist by any means but he has built a few. For my modest power goals (smallish right now turbo respoonse and 500-550 CHP) the stock crank was deemed sufficient. If I had seen this thread before the build tho I certainly...
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    Low boost issue

    I think testing it is definitely in order... The wire it shut technique will tell you if the actuator is the culprit but there's a couple more tests that I've used. First and easiest, if you actuate it open on a cold motor with you fingers, is it firmly on the seat? I've read there should be...
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    A picture is worth 1000 words

    Why did you pull off the pan, was that rod noisey? Jounal looks OK, hows the bearing?
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    So Who Thinks It's Time...

    ...That this car lives again?? I know it looks like an archeologic find but that's really only about 3 years worth of dust at my shop in Costa Mesa. History goes something like this: I heard thru a friend of a friend in about 2009 that a spine surgeon in Florida was moving his practice and...
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    New Zimmerman/AZGN Stroker build is here!

    Internally waste-gated is sufficient to control boost on that monster?? That start up vid is epic!:geek:
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    Iron head testing (update on post #65)

    I'll be following along as well, the 'new' motor I just had built and picked up this weekend required both heads to be replaced so since the guy building the motor knows someone at Kenne Bell, I got a set of nicely worked Iron heads that he sourced from KB(y) It's hard to tell just by looking...
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    How Much For a Good Stock Turbo Crank?

    I think the overriding theme is the motor I brought him that I had hoped was full of dollars well spent and HiPo parts(I had no idea, PO died more than 10 years ago and I bought the parts car off his buddy that knew nothing about cars but stored it after his friends death) instead of a...
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    How Much For a Good Stock Turbo Crank?

    Rolled out to Upland, CA JVG shop yesterday, IMPRESSED! Nice guy, knowledgable, fun to chat with(I guess the Vette guys roll out there Saturday am's just for coffee and BS'ing) Turn's out the 'built' motor I left for him to inspect and freshen was on its last legs. Rod bearings down to...
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    How Much For a Good Stock Turbo Crank?

    Yeah, I'm a 3.8 N00B so thanks for spelling it out for me PaceCar:cool: I'm heading out to the JVG shop in Riverside now to pick up the new motor, I just kinda needed to know how in line the parts portion of the build is compared to real world experience. I don't doubt this guys skills...
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    How Much For a Good Stock Turbo Crank?

    Whoah, I can get a forged crank for $300?? Can you give me a source Timmer? Thanks!
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    How Much For a Good Stock Turbo Crank?

    I've been out of touch with the TurboSix world for a while, it seems the rest of life got in the way... Anyway, I'm having a motor 'gone thru' that was supposedly 'professionally built' about 10 years ago. It came in an 87T type 'parts' car(no title or paperwork, good luck with that in Cali)...
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    Happy Birthday Dale (Instro84):

    My daughter has a B-day in close proximity to Christmas, seems she tends to get 'cheated' when all the fuss is over Jesus's Bday and not hers. Hope you got waht you wanted for your day:cool:
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    GNX Pint Glasses

    So they come prefilled then? I'm a Vodka man myself:cool: Couple of those would be nice to have around at the shop, Paypal addy? Alan
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    JD's 10.08 at GS Nat's 2011!!!

    Works for me too & props to the camera person for getting the whole race and zooming the ET board:smile: Seems like a simple thing but look at how many YouTube passes don't have it. Alan
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    I have 6 items for sale !!

    ...And I could only get the Scamaster & pinion snubber to open... Alan
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    Keep your mouth shut.

    So far this thread is short on content, was I the only one expecting a little more pizazz?:confused: Alan
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    So Who Was It At Cars&Coffee This am(Dec 10th)?

    I didn't see your ultra clean GN at the show, I was under strict marching orders from the boss to be home by 730 so I had to race thru the lot chugging my coffee & breakfast burrito. After leaving somehow I ended up at the looooong 5 southbound onramp behind your GN. I was in the little silver...
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    Rangers take game one

    I'm still a little sore that the Rangers put such a hurting on my Angels but heck, if I gotta vote for a team still in the race Rangers would be them:biggrin: I thought the rain cover scene was darn entertaining when the skies opened up, kinda like a half time show:D. A couple of the workers...
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    Vintage Race Car Crashes

    Amazing how an unconcious/lifeless body looks just like a rag doll when thrown from a speeding car. Hmm, where is that little puking emoticon when you need it:confused:
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    I Saved a 87 Turbo T from death. It's now 1Slo-T

    Nice work on the T and great pics:cool: Ever notice how much a Syclone looks like a Dodge Omni GLHS in the dark? Just sayin:biggrin:...