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    Anyone working in trucking?

    Where i am we pay our local city drivers thru a agency 43.00/hr for there tractor.The driver's cut is about 32.00/hr but he covers fuel and repairs,they average 12 to 15 hrs a day,5 days a week. Our shunt guys make 23.00/hr plus benfits(medical,pension)etc..They work about 8 to 12 hrs a day...
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    Bet HER photo will sell these MUSTANG parts

    I saw that Bra in the Victoria secret mag...Buy one and get a free pizza coupon:eek::eek:;)
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    Gran Turismo 5

    I just finished that 4 hour race with the Mazda Miata on b-spec(level 26).What a pain in the butt,make sure you have two drivers when you enter the race. One driver will loose his energy to quick and will want to pitt every lap and you will lose.If you have two they can recharge and last for...
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    Gran Turismo 5

    if you buy the ferarri F-1 cars you cannot use them in the F-1 race on a-spec(level 24).It has to be the used one for about 5 mil. that can be purchased online..
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    Gran Turismo 5

    I guess you had the white and grey ones painted....
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    Gran Turismo 5

    I have not seen a 1/4 track on the gt-5,but 1 thru 4 has it. i am going to try make one on the new course section.
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    Gran Turismo 5

    Oh ya wait until you get into one of those F-1 cars(10 to 20 Million).Forget the super cars ,these race cars are sick. If or when you get one run them on the drag strip,there 1/4 mile times are anywhere from 7.5 to 9 seconds...
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    Gran Turismo 5

    I own all 5 of the grand turismo's and really enjoyed them. The only thing that I would probably change is the endurance racing on the last levels 300 laps of Grand valley speedway or 250 laps of deep forest raceway is very fustrating,especially when you cannot save your game after x amount of...
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    Gran Turismo 5

    There is one buick i won in one of the races called a " 62 Special". If you guys get your hands on it load her up and take her to the track. She should win all the races in her class.Make sure you put super soft slicks on her and you got 800Hp. This is the car that I used in every race she...
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    Gran Turismo 5

    Buy a Honda civic and do some upgrades,then match those upgrades to your buick and race them.Honda wins hands down. I know it's just a game......
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    Nice 12k mi gn on ebay

    Little things catch my eye and that little 6$ chrome piece for the shifter did not come with car from the dealer back in the day???Not a big deal when the asking price is 29000 plus.
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    Gran Turismo 5

    dead on:smile::smile:
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    Gran Turismo 5

    I bought 2 gnx's in the used car section for about 23500.I kept one stock and put it in my(favorites)garage.The second one I put all the goodies on her and brought her to the races.Whom ever designed the game must not like turbo buicks because the car does not perform well. My best car so far...
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    Gnx 548

    Hey Guys Just purchased # 548 in Grand Turismo 5,What to do????.I gave her a wash and did the oil.Leave her stock or do her up... Probably going to change the tires to a softer compond and leave her stock. I bought her in the used car section for 23,000 with only 45000km. I think if another...
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    found this in the local newspaper

    My wife was reading our local newspaper in Bolton,ontario the other day and wanted me to post this article on TB forum.You never know maybe with all the views on this site we can help find the little guys car.
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    I have a couple of buddies that own a gn,but they do their own work.My neighbour has his own...

    I have a couple of buddies that own a gn,but they do their own work.My neighbour has his own shop in Bolton and he's a very good mechanic.I get him to do all of my work.
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    Gn motor, 3"downpipe and exhaust

    Toronto guy,If not sold I am interested in the 2.5 Hooker exhaust.
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    Paint or Dog

    Paint first and then the dog.I did the dog thing first and i am still waiting.I figure it will take 2 years after the purchase of our little terrier to paint. Having a dog is lots of work,but havin a dog and a new paint job on your gn is priceless....Still waiting....
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    nice to have a visitor.I guess you come to the car show on Thurs,lots of nice cars in the Bolton...

    nice to have a visitor.I guess you come to the car show on Thurs,lots of nice cars in the Bolton area. I don't usually make the shows,but on Sunday's we go out for a cruise.Sometimes we get upto 10 guys and go out for run,have breakfast and back home to keep the wives happy.
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    Terry houston dp

    Car is going in for some upgrades next week,new Walbro fuel pump,160 therm-sat,1 3/8 rear sway and a new 2 1/2 hooker cat-back exhaust.The promblem is I want to do the dp also. But I can't find a terry Houston pipe. I live in Toronto Canada.Can anyone help find someone that will a ship to Can...