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    Parts for sale!! Can also bring to Kirbans 5/4/19

    Can I get 1 of the #11s shipped to 92111
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    Cal Hartline tuning session for So Cal

    Yes !!! I’m in San Diego just FYI
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    Brand New XXR Wheels 521 18x10 and 18x8.5 with new Nitto Extreme Drags

    Why selling? Bad ass look and unique!
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    Brackets, Built 4.1 shortblock +++

    How many miles , general use + condition of the short block ? What type of Rods used in build ? Thanks !
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    Never used / like new Bosch 160 injectors

    They were purchased brand new from gbodyparts . They are authentic Bosch 160 low imp for our cars. Injectors installed than uninstalled by a professional race shop. You’d have to check with racetronix if they sell Bosch but either way I’ve heard nothing but great things about these injectors ...
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    Never used / like new Bosch 160 injectors

    Sheesh , I paid 725 for them from gbody . Jokes on me . I am unsure if the above are Bosch units ... regardless . I’ll let them go for $250. Bottom dollar , anything less and I’ll put them on the shelf for a decade .
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    Never used / like new Bosch 160 injectors

    I bought these brand new from gdbody parts without conversing with my tuner first. Bosch 160s from their website. Never “used” , like new set of 6. Had JBA speed shop (San Diego) install, then uninstall. Car was never turned over as no tune was in car for e85 yet. I had a return number for...
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    Advice HID kit

    Thanks fellas. Just took delivery of the car last week. Look forward to learning more!
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    Advice HID kit

    Do the eBay linked ledh4 bulbs above come with regulators ? I don’t see them mentioned in the item description? If not , where to snag those from ? Great thread !
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    ‘87 GN Texas car. Street/ strip

    Very excited. Can it just arrive already ?! Thank you !