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    86-87 parts

    One JW 10" non lock up torque converter 3200-3400 stall used in great shape $550+ shipping. One 3 bar map sensor for 86-87 turbo buick $55 shipped. Call john at (858)748-6425 or (760)445-7611
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    86-87 Performance parts

    1) One 70mm turbo used in great shape,no shaft play $500+shipping. 2) One Buick stock manifold with egr taken out $115 shipped. 3) HR parts poly motor mounts for production 3.8 block new $220 shipped. 4)Champion racing heads billet aluminum high flow fuel rail kit new-stock manifold-$220...
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    Unused poly motor mounts

    I have a set of part# 0101,H&R parts polturethane motor mounts for 82-87 Buick Regal (GN,GN-X,T-Type,WE4) unused ready to ship for $210.00 shipped.Call me at(760)445-7611 John.
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    2 gn engines for sale

    Where are you located?$250 for the short block,let me know. John
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    F/s-Tr Customs used radiator

    Hi,can you give me a shipping quote also?,to 92064. Thanks, John
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    Fresh trans, 2 converters, Accufab, Champion, HRparts, ARP, Comp Cams, OEM, etc!

    Hi, "pm sent" This is john im interested in the 70mm TB,I get some money on 9/18,any way you hold it pending payment till 9/18?I promise the money will go out 9/18.I bought 1 of your drive shafts recently,Think about it and let me know...
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    Parts for sale

    Hi, I'll take the rail mounted autometer fuel pressure gauge with earls fitting for $25 shipped to 92064 zip code.Let me know how to pay you. John
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    Cleaning out garage, lots of nice parts for sale here...

    Hi, Enterested in used comp roller 212/212,everything but the heads.How much to ship to 92064?Let me know. Thanks, John
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    Garage Cleaning > Used TR Parts

    Interested in # 6,pair of black bezels,what shape are they in?Can you post pics?Let me know. John
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    MAFT PRO/ LC-1 / Modded ECM / PowerLogger..

    fatride, If the maft-pro & LC-1 are still avalible on 9/18/09,im in it for it,i will keep en-eye out on this stuff and get back,Wish i had a deposit for you! Thanks, John
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    Crome front bumper & used limited slip

    Guys i need 2 things,1st is a crome front bumper a driver but has to be good.Also i need a good used limited slip for a stock gm 8.5 10 bolt,28 spline. Let me know what you have im in need! Thanks...
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    I need a fuel pump

    I have a used ESP super pump,its a walbro 255lb in great used shape,$70.00 shipped.Let me know. John
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    Buick Parts For Sale

    Let whos next have the buick emblem,Im out on it. John
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    109 Ruggles engine block .30 over

    If you would let me make 2 payments,1st money order on 9/4/09 for $150,2nd "mo" on 9/18/09 for $150 + the shipping needed to 92064.Let me know. John
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    billet mains all 4 4 sale or trade

    SORRY,just seen there sold,sorry. John
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    billet mains all 4 4 sale or trade

    I have a brand new powerlogger i have not installed yet!I could use all the billet mains you have for sale.Let me know. John
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    Parting Out My TR

    What shape is the PTE intercooler set-up in?If its in good clean shape with no dents i will by it!It would need to be shipped to 92064.Let me know. John
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    parting out a BIG TURD 85 :)

    How much for the front bumper shipped to 92064? John