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    I’m sure there are more than a few guys here who have cars that would do very well with those guys. I was just happy to see us being represented!
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    Turn One Steering - Great Service

    I just talked to Mark at Turn One today. He told me that I could send in my pump and they will pull a few parts off of it to put on the new pump. I didn't ask him what parts were transferred to the new assembly, but I did say I would be wanting my unused parts back. Wondering if you guys got...
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    An engine failure..

    I had a set of 42's cleaned back in the day that worked fine before the service. 2 were dead after I installed them after the cleaning.
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    Power Steering Pump Core

    Could you share some info on the rebuild? I have a hydro-boost conversion and the pump has always been noisy and sluggish.
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    Cecil buick day

    Quote from Facebook MAGNA page: "GS/GN NE moved the race event to Beaver Springs PA earlier this year so no more Buick event at Cecil. Magna will focus on the Carlisle GM Nationals as the main show moving forward".
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    Cecil buick day

    Huh..I haven't seen anything more about it other than the Cecil website
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    Cecil buick day

    Hey Frank, looks like it was yesterday
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    Factory radio rebuild/upgrade to Bluetooth

    Looking to have my factory radio updated. Best place?
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    Rear Brake Wheel Cylinder Retainer Clip

    Hah, I thought he was a good friend. Didn’t even offer to replace it.
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    Rear Brake Wheel Cylinder Retainer Clip

    Thanks for the advice. The problem is the quality of the tools these days. I was a master tech from the late eighties until 2005 or so and used the same tool many times without any problems. I lent it to a buddy and he somehow broke it.
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    Rear Brake Wheel Cylinder Retainer Clip

    Hopefully your tool is good quality. I've bought 2 so far and both were flimsy and either bent or broke.
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    Rear Brake Wheel Cylinder Retainer Clip

    They don't fit tight, a little but of movement is normal.
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    *BEWARE* M233Roller (Mike or Michael Dopkins) is a Scammer *BEWARE*

    I bought 3 NOS A/C vents from Mike many years ago, 1 was mint as it should have been but the 2 others had all the chrome peeling off. He did offer to replace them with some he had "restored" after I called him out. He knew they were screwed up when he sent them. That was the last thing I...
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    Another "Car Show" Incident

    There was a time when the biggest incident at a car show was a Mustang wrecking during a burnout.
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    What is the best currently available Coil pack and module?

    I dug this out of my collection, I’m not sure if it’s a good quality model. I remember there was a debate on quality from different manufacturers back in the day.
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    What's the deal?

    What just happened here?!?!
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    GN1 head machining questions

    Thanks for the input, and thanks for the comments that disappeared. They arrived at Champion today for repairs. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G900A using Tapatalk
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    GN1 head machining questions

    My engine ate something and the head took a hit. Where should I send them for repairs?
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    Jesse Combs: R.I.P.

    That really blows. Looks, brains and tallent all wrapped up in one. RIP
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    GNX 464 For Sale

    A beautiful car for sure! Too bad you don't have the original engine. Might want to try to track it down, just my .02