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    Precision Turbos New Turbo Listing for Buicks !!!!!!!

    Let me know what my choices are for a turbo that supports upto 650 to 675HP, what injectors and fuel pump will be needed
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    Paint Shops (San Antonio, Houston, Austin or Dallas)

    I am about ready to start restoration of my 87 TurboT Midnight Blue, I live in San Antonio but open to going to shops in Austin, Dallas & Houston areas Thanks
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    Hooker Headers - For Sale

    could you check on the price for shipping to 78260.........pretty sure I am going to take them off your hands.......why are you selling them?
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    1/64 Grand Nationals WTB for Stanley Hunt's memorial GNX 347

    I know many of you may remember a long time GSCA member Stanely Hunt he owned GNX 347 he was a Vietnam vetran and was in a wheel chair. Sadly he passed away in Dec of 2017 and his children are planning his memorial service and they would like to buy a lot of 30 1/64 Grand Nationals for the...
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    1/64 Grand Nationals WTB

    I have a friend that is looking to a buy a lot of 30 1/64 GN's the hot wheels or Johnny lightning or any other brand ...........needs to happen quickly or if you know sites where she could buy them from would be helpful
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    Ticking noise in Engine

    I have a rebuilt eingine that has barely even been broken in and I have a ticking noise coming out of what I believe is the valve train and I need to find a shop or a mechanic hopefully in the Atlanta Metro area so I can get this car back on its feet it has been way to long and I am ready to...
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    Chassis Dyno

    Well the car is completly moded 52pte, 50lbs, 214/214 cam, down pipe, pats convertor, art car shift kit, front mount, translator Plus, scanmaster, 4 wire O'2 sensor.......all the usual stuff Yeah lets get together some time soon I will send you my number name is Ivan you know...
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    Chassis Dyno

    I live near the Mall of GA between 985 and 85 The car is starting to have a lot of issues and I only have 2kmi on the rebuilt motor and I just don't have a lot of time to run down all of the things that could be wrong and I bet it is a lot of simple things...........I wish I could to take the...
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    Chassis Dyno

    I am kind of new to the Atlanta area and I am looking for an outfit to chassis dyno tune my car that knows Buicks so if you know a reputable outfit let me know. I just had my motor rebuilt and I have issues with surging above 12-15psi Thanks
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    hooker headers thdp

    how about 625 for both the headers and the downpipe shipped
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    I am interested in buying both the downpipe and the headers what about 625 shipped for both

    I am interested in buying both the downpipe and the headers what about 625 shipped for both