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    NOS GNX wheels

    Hello Buick fans.....I have a set of NOS GNX front wheels, might be considering to sell. Putting out feeler for any possible offers. Purchased them back in early 90's and have been in a box since. ----Unfortunately my Cancer battle has been financially devastating. --- 6 years after a BOne...
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    I remember GNX 223 very well....used to visit Dralle Buick in Peotone to drool when it was NEW...

    I remember GNX 223 very well....used to visit Dralle Buick in Peotone to drool when it was NEW. Have photos of it in the dealership. In 2001, I purchased a NOS GNX dash from GNX Guy ,who previously owned it. 223 was on Car and Driver segment with Joe talking about it. That GNX was also...
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    #428 on eBay a clone or not? $110k

    GNX 428 was at car show in Sarasota, FL for the 4th of JULY. Looked like the "real deal", spoke with the owner. I believe he made the clone years ago, as I saw that in the car museum down here long time ago....and I had spoke with him about it then. Wish I would have checked his VIN # ...
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    When did you first spot one?

    February, 1987......Chicago Auto Show display. Also the first time I sat in a Grand National. Same week as my birthday and it was a total surprise as I didn't know anything about the X, but was already enamored with GNs. I think it was #001 , but it was on a turntable with fencing around...
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    GNX dash question

    This one isn't available anywhere. They only made a few of these prototype boost gauges. There is a GNX owner who wants it for his "improved" GNX. Sorry guys, this one is staying with me. Good luck in the hunt for one. Keep the Buick faith.
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    The best tires I've ever driven with on the GN have to be Good Year Eagle F1 GSD3's. Superior wet performance. I used to be terrified to drive in the rain, now I'm only moderately scared.
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    GNX dash question

    Nope, these are Stewart Warner. Original equipment GNX unused, new. Eventually, I'll also add my SW prototype 30 lb boost gauge to the dash. This one has Buick and GNX on the gauge face. But that's further down the road , like my new GNX suspension, just waiting for installation.
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    GNX dash question

    I've installed a NOS GNX dash in my 87 GN. Since then, the car has a hesitancy to accelerate while at highway speeds. Usually at same speed 72-75 mph being worst and around 61-63 mph second. I've tried all the obvious ignition and fuel items (new plugs/ wires, hi -flow fuel pump with hot...
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    james ibusuki "ten years after"

    GNX print Ten Years After I can't answer that question, but number 403 is on my wall. Also have GNX emblem 403 waiting for my perfect moonroof GN with twilight sentinel to finish getting to exact level X. Already has a NOS GNX dash installed. --also in the collection is...
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    I have driven your GNX many times in the Forza games. I prefer FM2 version GNX because you can...

    I have driven your GNX many times in the Forza games. I prefer FM2 version GNX because you can increase the wheel sizes of the GNX rims. Looks better than FM3 in which stock size wheels can't be enlarged. LOOKS great in game. Only mistakes...the keyholes in the doors and trunk not blacked...
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    Car Museum listing

    Hello ALL fellow BUICK enthusiasts (and other car nuts) I've always wanted to have an extensive listing of great Car Museums and other auto related places to visit. It'd be nice to have all our members tell us what places are "Must See". Then the next time you take a trip somewhere...
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    GNX 403 - - Where Are YOU?

    Does Anybody know WHERE GNX 403 is today? It sold on Ebay a few years ago with very low mileage. I ask, because I have one of the replacement GNX dash emblems for # 403. This has been a favorite number since 1978 when Buick made their 75th anniversary edition...
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    Muscle Car Museum --SW FL

    [SIZE="6"][/SIZE] Hey ALL Turbo BUICKS in FL and Muscle Car fans... There's a new Muscle Car Museum in Punta Gorda. 200 muscle cars, mostly all Chevrolet Corvette, Camaro, Chevelle, GTO. Owner bought out an old WalMart and made it into a museum for his collection. Info and directions...
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    New Rubber for the road.

    High Performance GOODYEAR Hello Ray, Last summer I bought the Eagle F1 GS-D3 ultra high performance tires for my GN. As you know, turbo Buicks can be scary in the rain. These are by far the best rain tires to run. I have been very happy with them and highly recommend them for your GNX...
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    sad sad day

    Possible option for new life I hate to see a RARE Grand National go to waste. Have you ever considered contacting one of those TV muscle car show to take it for a project rebuild. Might be worth looking into. Just wanted to put my idea out there. GOOD LUCK to you. Jerry
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    GNX Prototype on Barrett-Jackson

    Hello fellow Buick enthusiasts, Just to let you know - GM's 2001 Buick GNX prototype is going for sale on this weeks Barrett-Jackson auction from Scottsdale, Arizona. I think Thurs. is the day for this one. Also up is 6,700 mile GN and a GNX with 267 miles. (is that the "bubble" GNX ?)...
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    1987 Chicago Auto Show

    GNX memory I remember the 1987 Chicago Auto Show. It was the first time I ever saw a GNX and had no clue it was being made. Also first time I sat in a GN, the T-top model on the floor. From that day on I've been hooked on the GNX. Never got my own, but did buy an '87 GN in 1990...
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    GN spanks new BMW M5

    Yesterday I took a drive from Sarasota FL down to Naples to see my sister for lunch. We meet halfway as she lives in Ft. Lauderdale. It's 100 miles each way and I bring my parents from their nursing home in my daily driver, Dad's (( Park Avenue)). It's a reliable car, but basic V6 lacks real...
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    GNX wheels - value?

    Hello, Just curious to see what value is on a set of REAL GNX front wheels. I've had a set of almost NOS for quite a few years. Near perfect. Not presently selling, but may consider it in future. I believe they came from GNX 075 with 2 or 3 thousand miles. (Elmers' ?) JERRY
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    GNX story to share.

    Quite a rare sight to see. Almost tops this story. I live in Sarasota Florida where there are many millionaires..not me :( Anyways, during one trip to the local supermarket, there was one of the most awesome cars ever made. It shares some of the name with GNX engine...