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    Stock fuel pressure regulator

    Thanks. Do you do paypal?
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    Stock fuel pressure regulator

    Looking for a stock fuel pressure regulator.
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    Stock height ride

    Car sits too low for my liking. What could be done to get to stock ride height.
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    Antenna issue

    I can hear what I assume is the antenna motor running continuously. Its a drain on my battery. Is there a fuse or wire that i can disconnect?
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    Underhood light

    Need an underhood light for my GN. Let me know what you have.
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    MAF Translator

    Sorry. Item sold.
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    Aftermarket valve covers

    Want used aftermatket valve covers. Here are examples of what im looking for. Also open to others.
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    Trunk lid trim

    Pic? How much? What about tube shipping?
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    Trunk lid trim

    Looking for trunk lid molding for 86GN. If you have something let me know.
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    CA smog advice

    86GN needs to be smoged next year. Just wanting to see want needs to be removed before getting tested. Here are the following mods: 60lb inj, 5.7 tt chip, 304 walbro pump w/hotwire, adj fpr, 3inch atr exhaust, 3inch rjc dp w/testpipe, lt1 maf w/translator
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    MAF Translator

    Used Maf Translator. Bought off of a 2002 Camaro SS. Used on a 86 GN. $75 + shipping.
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    Adapter for MAF Translator

    Is there anywhere to buy the connector plug??
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    Adapter for MAF Translator

    I bought a translator used from a friend. When I went to install it, the plugs didnt match. Is there some tyoe of adapter that can be used. Here is the translator.
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    New maf pipe. Car now hesitates. Help.

    Whats does this mean?
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    Maf translator

    Just got this translator from a friend. Came off a 2002 Camaro SS. can this be used with a buick GN?
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    MAF Translator

    Friend has a maf translator on a 2002 camaro ss. He wants to sell it to me. Is this translator good to use on a buick GN? Are there different types of translators? What should I look for?
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    False knock???

    While driving, if i stomp on the gas , sometimes my knock gauge will light to the second green, sometimes the first yellow. When i hit the recall on the scanmaster it says 00knock. What would cause this? Im running 60lbs inhectors and 16-18 lbs boost.
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    Clips for door handle

    Where can i find these clips that attach to the door handle rod that opens door. I have one on the drivers door, but not the passenger door.