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    Part unknown: What is this and where does it go?

    I think the ECM panels consist of 3 parts, and It seem I only have two, the main panel that the ECM sits inside, and this curved piece. Just can't seem to get it to sit properly.
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    Part unknown: What is this and where does it go?

    Tight fit up there. Does the hole in that panel match with a pin or something?
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    Part unknown: What is this and where does it go?

    I thought so. This is what my ECM cover looks like. Does this piece go above it?
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    Part unknown: What is this and where does it go?

    Hey guys, Does anyone know what this is and where it goes? Asking for a 1987 GN. Thanks.
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    Exterior Paint code and source help

    Hello, I am looking to paint the header panel of my 87 grand national. The factory paint code is W19 I believe, and is discontinued. I read from the forums that WA8555 is one option. Does anyone know where to get this in Canada, or something of similar quality (i.e., dupli-color part number)...
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    Looking to buy a new or used CCCI SENSORCHECK DIAGNOSTIC TEST TOOL from Casper's electronics. Preferably in Canada. Thanks.
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    Hello, I currently have the stock setup: passenger side breather and drivers side fill cap. Which combination of upgrades is considered "better": 1. Keeping the stock drivers side fill cap and just replace the stock passenger side breather and cap the turbo inlet bell. 2. Replace the passenger...
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    Fuse type

    Thought so. I was hesitant to post this simple question. I know mini fuses came out much later and i remember the sizes in the panel being big. Thanks :)
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    Fuse type

    Hello, I was wondering the type of fuses that are in the fuse box located in the drivers footwell, are they ATO? Currently don't have my car (87 GN) to check.
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    Aftermarket heater core ground

    Hello everyone, I purchased a replacement style aluminum heater core which is designed different from the original one. The little bracket with the ground strap that secures the heater core at the top does not fit. Any recommendations on grounding the core to the body to prevent or reduce...