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    Anti-Roll Bars... HR vs. ATR vs. ?

    I am running a Spohn rear sway bar which is very similar/identical to the H&R. FYI they run a killer black friday sale on their products.
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    WTB: Gauge Ribbon Circuit (Behind Gauges)

    i found on on mikes monte's new production FYI if anyone stumbles upon this
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    WTB: Gauge Ribbon Circuit (Behind Gauges)

    Looking for a nice gauge ribbon (plastic copper circuit thing behind the gauges). I have an 87 GN if they vary thanks
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    Anyone going to Kirbans have extra black carpet material?

    i'll check pep boys. didnt know they carried that material. thanks for the lead!
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    Anyone going to Kirbans have extra black carpet material?

    I always buy extra/bulk so i don't end up running short. I was curious if anyone has any leftover black carpet material that would match any of the black trunk carpet kits to wrap around the bottom and sides of my current sub box project? I think the trunk carpet kit manufacturer is R.E.M. or...
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    Best bang for the buck braces?

    The SC&C Brace does clear a precision FMIC but IIRC it doesn't clear a ridetech muscle bar. i had to go with GNS front braces and i was equally as happy
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    Black Trunk Carpet Kit

    Seeing if anyone has one of the black trunk carpet kits (embroidered if possible). Thanks
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    A thread of pictures

    I would like to know also. mine are tight and car is almost on the road. thx
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    Test Pipe Block off cap for 4 bolt flange

    Does anyone have one or know who sells them before i have my buddy make one? I'm using the test pipe dump end with a turn down and would like to cap the 4 bolt end until i get sick of the noise. I measured 4-3/8" center to center on the top bolts and 2-3/4 center to center on the side bolts...
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    C6 Z06 brakes and ATS spindles installed

    im still reading it unless theres a newer thread that i missed
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    Options for proportioning valve on 4 disk conversions

    I found out like you and didn't even know about it. I have same setup pretty much with wilwood front and rear conversion. I went with the wilwood master cylinder and added their proportioning valve right under it. The brass block mounted to the frame screws everything up but you have two...
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    Molded Rubber on Factory Fuel Gas Tanks?

    Does anyone know what the sticky rubber pieces are on our factory gas tanks? I bought a spectra replacement and was debating on removing them from the old tank and putting them on the new one. If Im confusing anyone, they are the rectangular molded rubber pieces stuck on the bottom and back of...
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    Kirban Spring Open House April 22nd 2017

    not sure if the car will be finished but i'll be there!
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    Wilwood Parking Brake Kit

    yes and redrill out the two existing bolt holes. then line up the kit and mark the other two holes and drill them. as far as the whole parking brake setup, the link above is what i bought what theyack mentioned above...
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    Anyone know what rims these are?

    i said damn when i saw the first motor with twins, then i scrolled down and saw you sig... damnnnnn
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    Options for proportioning valve on 4 disk conversions

    Its this versus an adjustable wilwood. The wilwood requires removal of the existing prop valve, so essentially new front lines that dont interconnect, not to mention the rear line. The new brass block (above), which everyone sells is basically plug n play with the stock lines but it self...
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    Wilwood proportioning valve adapter fittings

    Hey Guys, Those of you running the wildwood proportioning valve, how did you adapt our lines to the 3/8-24 fittings going into the bottom of the prop. valve? I’ve been looking for adapters/ fitting etc with no luck. From what I gather our rear flare nuts on our lines are 9/16-18 and our...