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    Eagle 4340 Buick V6 Crankshaft

    dan smith Dan is a stand up guy and has built a couple of motors for me. He has also built motors for MAGNA club members. Michael Skwarlo
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    cottons has one for sale on his web site. i think it's in the used part section. i think it's 2500. mike s
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    Top 10 'hottest' rides in movie history??

    cars how about the car from vanishing point????????????
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    ignition module

    ignition i'm going to get a coil and try that. the reading on mine look bad and it,s the cheapest fix to start with. ha ha ha keep you informed. thanks everyone !!! mike s
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    ignition module

    ign ignition module checked out ok! coil pack or maf must be bad. coil pack only reads 8.5 to 8.7 terminal to terminal. that could be problem. car breaking up as soon as any gas is applied. mike
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    ignition module

    going to auto zone to have them check my ignition module. if it's bad they sell a duralast brand with a lifetime warranty. it's 103.00. is this brand any good??? sounds to cheap. most i see on this board are around 170.00!!!!!! thanks mike s
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    Stumbling and shutting off HELP!!!

    stumble you might have a blown head should have a compression check done on each cylinder. look for oil and anti freeze mix in the radiator. hope thats not the case. mike
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    Do you guys Know where I can get a 3" Downpipe?

    dp sweet 6 is correct the stock elbow is the main problem. call jack cotton or gbody for downpipes. mike s
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    Turbo 6 Air Fresheners!!

    air freshener's pay pal sent. 1 green apple 1 mixed berry. 7.75 thank you mike s
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    10 sec daily driver

    10's it seems you already have most of the parts? at bottom of sig you state it was tuned by anderson. just call him and ask what it will need . he has already worked on the car and should know it best!!! any of the vendors on here can help you.i have used cotton,s and am very happy with the...
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    87 Limited

    is this a real turbo regal ? any rust ? do you have interior pics ? mike s
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    85 limited Lt. Chestnut

    buick could you send pics please? this is a carbed car? can the car be used as a daily driver? any major issues with the car. thanks mike s
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    cutlass buick power low 10 $6500!

    v6 olds send pics thanks
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    1992 TSI AWD Eagle Talon automatic

    talon did the winning bidder pick the car up ????? mike s
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    1987 turbo-t black $5900.00

    87t? is this car an 86 or 87?? t-type emblem? has it been in an accident? thanks mike if you have more picturesi would like them also do you have a picture of the vin # and the sticker on the trunk lid. thanks....
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    FS:87 gn

    pics could you send me some pics. have you run the car at the track? are you near long island. i'll be there tomorrow at dynotech's new shop. mike
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    New Wheels black torqlites.

    wheels need more info!!!!! make and exact size, they look great. can you get better photo's from side and close up. thanx mike
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    Anyone On Long Island with a Scantool/Scanmaster or Turbo Tweak...

    scan dynotech just moved to long island. 4440 austin blvd 1 908-704-8536 mike
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    TE60 assistance

    60 i ran the exact same combo-stock motor except for new valve springs cpt-60 turbo thunderfab stock location inc and art carr conv 3000. 21lbs of boost with 26 timing. the car really woke up when i went from 20 to 26 degrees of timing and worked on my 60 ft times. car ran 11.60-11.70s all...
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    87 turbo t

    turbo t any pics ? have you run it yet? any times ?