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    1986 Buick Regal t-type

    Thanks for the quick reply and info.
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    1986 Buick Regal t-type

    Would like to have leather replaced on my GN steering wheel, Any recommendations on where to have this done? Anyone deal with this person on Ebay? Buick Grand National, steering wheel, NEW LEATHER WRAP ONLY | eBay Thanks in advance for any help.
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    Barn find. No low ball offers please.

    Hats off to you Spoolfool, Now that is FUNNY! Everyone can use a good laugh now.
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    Powermaster Pump Runs Master Cylinder Dry

    Thanks for the replies, had a buddy stop over after work today to bleed the system. Got a good deal of air out of it, gravity bleeding I had done previously didn't work well. Found a small leak at the distribution block I installed, fixed that. Then did all four wheels again. First turned the...
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    Powermaster Pump Runs Master Cylinder Dry

    This started 6 months after installing new SBCC dual piston calipers and new stainless braided hoses, somehow banjo bolt worked itself loose on passenger side, lost almost all brakes. Was about half mile from home, I limped home with it. After tightening bolt up and bleeding brakes, every time I...
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    need 5 things from the grocery

    Apples, Avocado, Almonds, Asparagus, Asian noodles
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    Hi everyone! Just purchased 270

    Congrats, Your GNX looks great. I'm definitely jealous. In the process of replacing my GN rear bumper fillers too , think I'm going with SpoolFool's 1 piece rear filler.
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    Need Direct Replacement Radiator

    Thanks pmesfun, ordered the radiator from Rockauto this morning. Thanks for all the replies from other members also.
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    Need Direct Replacement Radiator

    I just called Kirban yesterday, they told me they had no idea when they would have radiators in stock.
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    Need Direct Replacement Radiator

    Hi pmesfun, thanks for the info, interested in the radiator you got from RockAuto. Is this rad a direct fit for the 87 GN? Any modifications needed to install? All hookups there for oil cooler and trans cooler lines? My GN is completely stock so I don't want to have to mod anything to install...
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    Need Direct Replacement Radiator

    Thanks for all the quick replies, not many radiator shops left locally, guess most radiator problems are solved with a new radiator. This weekend I have to take a better look at where the leak is , rag231 mentioned that many leaks are at the top rad hose connection, have to take a closer look...
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    Need Direct Replacement Radiator

    I'm assuming this is where I would post this. Looking for a new direct replacement radiator for my 87 Buick GN, really want a radiator that will hook up to the existing transmission and oil cooler lines, my GN is all stock and low miles, so no interest in modifications. Any information where I...
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    April Contest! GiveAway AGAIN!!!

    Count me in. THANKS!
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    BIG GIVE AWAY!!! Nov. Contest!

    Count me in! Thanks, Brian