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    Thinking about selling the GN for this... Please talk me out of it

    Don't sell the GN for a Camaro...ZL-1 or Z28. Not worth the trade off. Yes, they can be tuned for really good power, but they (Camaros) are everywhere. Your car is amazing! Now, if you had asked about selling for a BTW-My cars love me back too! :)
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    RIP my friend ChavoLC2

    Lost a great friend this week. We both didn't post here much, but always lurking. He will be missed by many. RIP my friend, blessings to the family. Lee
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    RIP my friend!!

    RIP my friend!!
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    My latest runs on my White T-type

    Awesome runs, beautiful car!
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    WOW, as stated.....that car is doing it all right. Congrats
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    Fastest CTS-V

    Simply awesome Manny! You, Junkie and Rabbit have quite a little battle going on with the V's. It has been rediculously easy getting my V into the 11's than it was the T.
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    Pinks All Out in Arizona, Nov 19-20th 2010

    What a fun time. Think I spun a main on the T-Type the Sat. before the Pinks event, so we took the SRT-4. No way we were not going. That track was very sticky and that little clutch did not like it. It kept slipping until 1/8 mi, but still managed to get it's best mph @ 113, gaining 28mph...
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    Pinks All Out in Arizona, Nov 19-20th 2010

    Yes Sir, The T will be the one to take. We will be there Th-Sun. I can't wait either, although my son seems more excited!! Going to be a blast any way you look a it. Lookin' for Buicks, Lee
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    Pinks All Out in Arizona, Nov 19-20th 2010

    Cruzn57 lead me to this post, thanks Lee! Looking forward to meeting you all. I hope there will be a good showing of Buicks. See ya there, Lee
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    Not shifting up

    Yes, I put the shifter into first and bump to 2nd and so forth. I can put the car into 2nd and drive around, so I should have all the gears, it just wont shift under load. Thanks
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    Pinks All out

    Anybody make it into to Pinks AO for Phoenix 11-20. We have and are trying hard to make the car ready. Hope to see some more GN/T's out there. Come by and say Hi, we will do the same if we see other Buicks. See ya, Lee
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    Not shifting up

    Like the title says, put the car into first and it will not shift up if under load. I have to let off the throttle so the trans will shift to second. Does not matter if I shift early or late after I floor it, if I stay in it, car revs to the moon. Could this be just a simple linkage...
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    Trans brake 101

    T brake was kind of a PITA. I had a friend that knows these transmisions, so that helped a lot. W/o him...eeeek, I would have been extremely lost. Don't know how it works w/ a stock pan though. I have a deep pan that I was reluctant to 'modify', so we had to grind down the brakes pump plate...
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    Trans brake 101

    Just installed Lonnies new t brake. Seems to work fine, but I have not REALLY launched it. My ? is, once the brake is set in 1st and released, will I have to manually shift up, or will the shifts take place even though the gear selector is in 1st? If that is the case, can I set the brake in...
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    Non-lockup / Tbrake button ??'s

    That makes sense, but the guy that helped w/ the brake install said that since we removed the wire harness to place the white piece (for the button) in the trans, I did not need those anymore. I asked him what to do about the wire harness that hangs from the car that used to plug into the...
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    Non-lockup / Tbrake button ??'s

    Thanks Boost231, looks like that is the one I am going to get. Anyone know about the wires? Thanks
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    Non-lockup / Tbrake button ??'s

    First- have a NL convertor (and valve, of course) and just installed Lonnie's new T-brake. Can I remove all the TCC wires and switch, or does the hole from the pump need to have the "plunger" in it? Second- anyone have a part # for a T-brake button that will work w/ this new brake? Tried...
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    Engine install

    Thanks for the info everyone. Good tips for sure and I will hook up the grounds before final drop! Last time I did it, I had everything off and thought it would have been easier if more stuff was on before install. Thanks again, Lee
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    Engine install

    Easy ? for most of you I am sure. Can I install the engine w/ everything on it? Exhaust and cross-over, turbo, alternator and AC comp., etc. Should clear the hood and fit, right? Thanks, Lee