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    ATR bar install

    Car up on stands, on axles so car is at ride height......yes it's beefy bar and requires some persuasion, you'll love it!
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    MAF Intake Pipe Corrected thanks to Earl Brown

    Yet we’re supposed to be closest of friends and allis and great trading partners.....we would if the gubment would step back. Pathetic
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    MAF Intake Pipe Corrected thanks to Earl Brown

    Agree with the others, go LS1/LT1 MAF and don't look back. I got mine from Earl.....great guy to deal with......does'n t fluff off us Canucks
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    Turbo or intercooler?

    Alky.........and crank that bitch up
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    Rebuilt 2004r with low pressure and no rise from tv.

    Pull the pump apart and check your vein rotor/pump slide if boost valves check out
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    What injectors should i run?

    Nothing wrong with that old tech........a 60 still flat out works with the right combo. Very few max out there turbo first before buying a "cool guy" turbo. Not to mention a 60 can be had for a very good price.
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    Best Oil and oil filter?

    All I've ever run is 5/30 Pennzoil or Castrol GTX dino oil with a Wix 51036 and a bottle of ZDDP every change........pushing 120k miles stock unopened block
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    Is CK Performance still around?

    Dave Husek was a HUGE help to me. I built my trans myself and he guided me every bit of the way and supplied me with everything I needed to build a great shifting trans. Answered the phone EVERY time I called with a dumbazz question too!
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    Ngk or Autolite Spark Plugs

    I've had very good luck with the NGK's FWIW
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    What size battery fits the best

    Interstate MT75 drops in perfect
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    Transmission pan ?

    JMO, but powder coating an aluminum transmission pan is really defeating the purpose of the pan in the first place. The powder coat will act as a barrier and reduce the ability of the aluminum to transfer and dissipate heat.
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    My heep runs mid 11's and I run Lakewoods 90/10's......pulled a 1.58 60' off footbrake on TT day. Crap track prep
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    How many Alky pump failures have you had

    10 years, Razor's kit 1 pump rebuild due to leak. Never any other issue......always have run straight Meth. Fresh rebuild sitting in box on shelf.
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    RJC 3" here, nice fit, nice pipe.
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    Power antenna

    What's the issue with your original? If its working when plugged in but not driving the mast then all you require is a cable replacement. You need to remove the unit anyway. I did mine this past summer and it works like new.
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    Earl Brown

    Earl's a good guy and great to deal with
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    hughes deep pan / magnet ?

    Hummm...........maybe shouldn't be under the car draining fluids in the first place if ya can't decipher the oil drain from the trans plug :D
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    hughes deep pan / magnet ?

    Didn't include plug cuz they wanted ya'll to have a trans fluid shower
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    hughes deep pan / magnet ?

    Having the magnet in the plug is a bonus IMO cause it draws everything to the drain hole. Pull plug, clean off the afro and away ya go...... no pan removal
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    hughes deep pan / magnet ?

    Yes, its in the plug the pan is aluminum