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    Southside Machine Upper & Lower CA's

    I have southside lowers & an after market big A$$ swaybar, don't remember which kind & I'm not around my car right now, but basically any G-Body sway bar should work. I didn't even consider my sway bar not fitting when I ordered it, it's right now over a year later that you have just made me...
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    25.5 Roll Cage Pics

    I'm real big into F-bodies & Stenod does some beautiful work. You picked the right company to do the job.
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    Dont Cut Your Trunk Stock Location Fuelcell

    Sorry it took so long to see this post. I found it on EBAY. The guy had 5, I made an offer & bought it offline. So try searching EBAY. He'll even pay you $20 for installed pix, but I didn't have time to install mine & right now I'm working in Africa.
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    Dont Cut Your Trunk Stock Location Fuelcell

    I just got a tank like that a few days ago. Looking forward to seeing everything you go through getting it installed. My car came with a fuel cell that I hate, I was going to get a stock tank and sump it, but by the time you buy a stock tank, put a sump kit in it, get it all pretty, you still...
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    Bagged 1953 GMC Suburban

    Does $15k include the camper too?
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    E85 Coming to So Cal.

    I don't think that Pre-Turbo alky injection is going to help much at all. The Methanol is used to bring down your intake charge after it's been raised by compressing the air with your turbo. You should get much better cooling with alky after turbo, not pre turbo.
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    Shifters...Pics of installs please???

    Same exact setup I have, but I'm going to swap it to a Hammer handle. That shifter should have never been made with a ball handle due to having to pull up on it. They do fit the console great with minimal cutting.
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    A review of Poston's GNX flares

    Cool, bout time you got back to work on her, slow down on posting on those other boards & get your car back together. :o
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    A review of Poston's GNX flares

    When do we get to see them on the car??
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    More ESP drain line problems - twisted like a pretzel

    That looks exactly like the drain line I got from G Body parts & I don't have that problem either, but I am running KB headers.
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    71 Riv

    How about some engine pix? I always worry about that I'm going into projects that look like that. Also How aboue the interior? I love those old boat tail Riv's.
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    700r4 conversion

    Syty's come with 700's, go to & ask the syty owners what the consensus is on 700's. It will convince you to stay away from the 700's.
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    Dual fan control systems

    I'm running a Painless 165° theromstatic controller for 1 of my fans & the other fan is hooked to a relay that powers up with the AC compressor. Even in the heat of Louisiana & having a big front mount my car runs around 185 cruising & in traffic with just 1 fan running with an Fbody radiator...
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    1980 MALIBU for trade!!

    If he can get $9+ for that car he needs to sell it, then come back here with the cash & buy a car, or get one off of EBAY. There is a limited listed below for $5500, that's the direction he needs to go. He needs to realize that he's not the only one around here with lots of money invested in...
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    gmc syclone crank
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    any typhoon owners on the forum?

    I'm just a lowly worthless Sy owner. ;)
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    What auto shifter do you run?

    I'm running a quick silver, seemed like the easiest one to install, just took about an hour or so including shimming it up to fit right, minor trimming on the console to make it fit. I'm use to a Pro Ratchet on my other ride so the quick silver took a little time to get used to, but it's MUCH...
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    Turbo Drain Line Options

    My car came with a really crappy bubble gummed together turbo setup with a 4 bolt to 3 bolt adapter turbo & all kinds of other stuff. It doesn't have the stock style turbo drain line. I went ahead & made a drain line setup it was setup with all -10 fittings & braided line, my turbo drain...
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    XM Radio for your Turbo Buick! New Delphi XM receivers cheap!!

    Paypal sent from Fast shipping would be great due to my wife's XM breaking yesterday & she stole my unit until I get her a new one!!! ;)
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    Nadaguides on the 87 T type

    I guess I could let mine go for a little over Low Retail. Maybe!!!!