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    body lifting points????

    actually going to be removing the entire body from frame to do a little work on the car, got some "issues" with frame right now.... will check the car for those pinch welds.... thanks!!!!!
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    body lifting points????

    hey there, wondering where on the body it is safe to lift the body from the frame....i know some of you all have done or at least seen it done... is it better to use 2x4's, 4x4's or slings under the body to seperate the two???thanks, E
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    Body Shops?

    dont be afraid of taking it out of state to get it done, have heard of and seen a couple paintjobs that were done in Idaho and Nevada that were done for about half the cost of Cali rates...just think of the $ per hour here versus there...I have a guy in Arizona in mind when im ready for any of...
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    Brand New Reproduction 1987 Grand National / GNX Grilles And Headlight Bezels!

    any shipping update?? and updates on the manufacturing/shipping date of the bezels/grill??? not bugging but just anxious to get them, eric
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    SF Bay Area spotted thread

    saturday in HMB saw a REALLY clean burgandy T-type heading north on HWY1 just north of downtown Half Moon Bay saturday around 130-2.... wondered if he saw me in my white T heading south on 1?? very clean and shiny car with very clean T wheels too... Eric
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    SF Bay Area spotted thread

    saw a GN in cooks autobody in redwood city yesterday, rear bumper/taillights all off.... thats a good autobody place!!! eric
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    z06 wheels

    could you measure the spacers up for us????...i have heard anywhere from 1.5 inches to 2.0 inches to make the ZR1's work...and would like to buy the right size the first time, lol...thanks Eric
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    Brand New 1987 Grand National/GNX Grilles and Headlight Bezels

    just ordered the combo, thanks! eric anderson
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    Meth price

    SF bay area supplier i just emailed a local racegas manufacturer the other day, heres his response to my email.....just waiting for the alky kit to show up frome FT to buy some go-go juice!!!! OUR PRICING AT THIS TIME ON METHANOL IS AS FOLLOWS: $4.70/GAL - 1 - 16 GALLONS...
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    Airlift bags model #?

    here the "Airlift" brand part number, 60844, its the double bag kit, just got a set from Summit, just under $78.00
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    spacers for ZR-1 rims

    anyone tried this ??? black or silver wheel pictures would be great, thanks
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    spacers for ZR-1 rims

    just wondering what size spacer is needed for mounting ZR-1 corvette/camaro rims onto t-type/GN... have heard two different thicknesses, 1.75 inch and 2.0 inch..any help...and if anyone has a picture of a set on their car, please post, thanks
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    wilwood brake kit

    I just want to make sure the caliper will clear the back of the stock rims since it is a large 4 piston taking the place of the single stock piston and I dont want to have to run a wheel spacer....and if you have the wilwoods installed, can you see the caliper thru the rims??? thanks
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    wilwood brake kit

    just a quick question... anyone have the Wilwood 4 piston brake kit, 140-2508-B, and will it work under the stock 15" T-type and GN wheels??? thanks
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    Parts For Sale!!

    hey there, just sent you an email about your parts, thanks, Eric