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    89 TTA 75,000mi want $10,000 in PA

    divorce sale 89 TTA t-tops leather, 75,000mi tons of aftermarket parts was only running with rebuilt engine for about 200mi and then rod knock---its been sitting in my garage for 6 yrs this way trans is CK stage 2 with 3,600 stall 9/11--new this was like $3,000 engine has steel...
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    89 TTA for sale $12,000

    see my signature for some of the mods seats are crap,has a few small dents here and there--can email pics 75,000mi was a fresh rebuild with less than 500mi on it now has rod knock and has been sitting in my garage for 6 yrs email MAXXLC2@MAIL.COM located in Danville PA 17821
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    Gauging Interest - May part an 89 TTA

    I need VSS off the trans email me at
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    anyone care to make an offer on my TTA I'm in PA

    see signature for partial list of the modifications engine and trans have less than 500mi engine will need a partial rebuild due to rod knock I have a lot of extra parts 1 extra engine from 87 GN 95,000mi 3 extra transmissions 1 is the stock TTA tranny (200-4r)with mild shift...
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    89 TTA N East PA $16,000 OBO tons of extra parts

    gonna end up divorced so need to sell 89 TTA T-tops,leather 75,000mi,has alarm and line lock engine and trans that are in the car have less than 500miles--now has rod knock car has been sitting in my garage for 5 yrs now ported polished heads with oversized valves,ARP fastners,J&E...
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    Sell or Part it out

    I'm thinking about doing the same thing fix rod knock then try to sell the car--or trade in on a new truck--do dealers give ya KBB ??? I doubt it or should i just sell everything piece by pice mine has 75,000 miles a dent or 2 here and there--seats are crap--dash pad is a little...
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    89TTA parts WTB

    I have a wiring harness---give me an offer actually gonna sell the TTA and all Bucik parts--I see a divorce in my future---the toys need to go so i can afford to buy my own house
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    87 Limited 88k miles and turbo parts

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    black turbo trans am

    never did care for white cars--maybe thats why my TTA just sits in the garage with a hurt rodbearing would love to have a 3rd gen formula with LC2 best looking 3rd gen in my opinion black or flame red mettalic solid roof
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    need info on laws -pets on roadways

    not a real farm he barely has 1/2 of an acre the sheriff took care of it, told him if he continues to yell it will be considered harassment sheriff told me the animals do not have the right of way the geese and ducks were wild birds but he feeds them so they hang around--sheriff...
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    need info on laws -pets on roadways

    a neighbor down the road has a mini farm and he allows the geese,ducks,chickens and a dog run around on the dirt road my wife and I have accidentaly ran over some of these stupid birds the man know harrasses my wife by yelling at her to slow down and 1 time he actually told her to stop so...
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    Wow Tta Vin List !!!! Please Look !!!!

    your list has my car as #1103 hmm I was told a couple yrs ago my car was #1104 my vin matches your list for #1103 guess I need to change my signature 1G5FW217XKL245588 245588 1103
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    Draining the fuel tank

    any different way of draining the tank on a TTA or is it the same method---any pics of underhood so I can see where the wires are ????
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    87 Turbo T All Orig., 18k Nj Salvage "yellow Beige" $6000

    pics to and can you deliver to PA 17821???
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    Looking at a TTA and have questions

    up to you if you want to spend that amount FYI I refinanced my TTA about 3 yrs ago (wanted the cash)and KBB was $21,000 so we borrowed that much and did some home remodeling and paid off credit cards I went through my local credit union and got 5% interest rate
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    Buell motorcycles?????????????

    been thinking about getting 1 just wondering how these bikes are viewed by harley davidson owners are they accepted as harley's or looked down on???
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    need staff where I work

    Ok I might have mentioned this before on here I work in Juvenile Justice its a state job entry level positions start at around $14/hr which might not sound great but for a little town like this it is pretty good pay there are other jobs in my area as well so how do i get people to...
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    $200 Per Barrel Oil????

    yep been seeing this for the past couple months--we went and traded in the wifes o1 chevy ext cab and got a pontiac G6 3.9 v6 6spd GTP not a super gas saver but compaired to the trucks 14mpg it should save us some money and I want to get a Honda XR650 for fun and to save gas now...
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    TTA Fuel tank setup for Weldon pump

    the PT 54 won't be in there for very long
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    TTA Fuel tank setup for Weldon pump

    any part numbers for the ford gt 40 pump is it a easy install --well I know it sux to drop the TTA tank but is it about the same as putting in stock pump