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    2 cold air kits, aluminum uppipe

    Pictures of what you have available...Joe
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    Stock ported head combo/camshaft

    Tony Sent you a PM...Joe
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    F/S 224/224 race cam

    Cam Would this be a good cam to put on a 4.1, caddy motor, girdled, J&E Pistons, front mount, 63mm turbo, 3500 stall? If you still have it best price shipped to 75062...thanks, JC
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    Stock ported head combo/camshaft

    Heads I am interested as well, let me know if your other deals do not come through. One quick question how do you think they would do on a 4.1 block, caddy motor? Thanks...JC
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    M/T ET Street Radials f/s

    MT Drag Radials Can you send me some pictures of the tires? PM me with best price delivered to 75062. JC
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    2 Hood Insulators (Pad) Aftermarket & Orginal

    Just give me a total for shipping to area code 75062 on either of the hoods and I will pay you through paypal. Please confirm if you want to sell the last item to me. Joe
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    Whole Lotta Parts 4 Sale (stock/Perf)

    I will take the wiper arms send me pm to pay for this item.
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    parting out 10sec. motor combo/speed parts

    How much for these items delivered to 75062? GN 1's with roller springs polished gn1 valve covers 218/212 billet roller cam roller pushrods billet timing set port matched intake with egr milled A price brake down would be great. Thanks
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    buick race parts

    If the valve covers are still for sale I will take them, if no longer for sale let me know where I can get a set. Thanks
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    2 Hood Insulators (Pad) Aftermarket & Orginal

    If any of your deals falls through I will send payment asap on whichever one you still have.
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    Cottons tall valve covers forsale

    Valve Covers Let me know if your deal falls through...JC
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    tsm intake

    Intake I am also interested in the entire package. Check your pm's let me know what you decide.
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    99 TransAm - RACE Ready

    Sent you a message to your charter email...JC
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    95 green grey Impala

    Trade Plus Cash LSTTYPE - Sent you a PM let me know if my offer is doable.
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    99 TransAm - RACE Ready

    This maybe the last week that this car is available. TTT
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    2001 SS camaro FS or trade for GN/T-Type

    budebuzz - Sent you a PM, let me know, prefer to
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    1988 turbo v8 mustang

    Sorry for the delay do not check this site very ofter. I actually live in Irving, Texas. Respond to if you decide you want to check it out. JC
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    1988 turbo v8 mustang

    Can you send me some pictures I have a buick t-type that I may be willing to trade.
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    1991 GMC Syclone

    Shoot me some pictures of the inside and outside. Thanks, JC
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    99 TransAm - RACE Ready

    Car is still available