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    FAST XFI 2.0

    Thanks for answering
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    FAST XFI 2.0

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    FAST XFI 2.0

    FAST XFI 2.0 for sale. I bought this set up from Cal Hartline years ago and never really used it. ECU has a start-up program for a Stage 2 274 with 160lb injectors. Comes with the following: • FAST ECU w/ internal data logger • Casper’s XFI adapter harness • Long lead extension for adapter •...
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    Looking for Billet solid roller cam, S2 headed OC

    I have a Solid roller 232/232 @.050" 114 LSA. Pm me if your interested.
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    Stage II picture thread- Let's see 'em!

    Thanks. I have to give my engine builder all the credit!;)
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    Stage II picture thread- Let's see 'em!

    On Center 274. Car is still under construction.
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    New F.a.s.t Bank to Bank

    Sorry, no trades.
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    New F.a.s.t Bank to Bank

    Brand new FAST Bank to Bank step up. I bought this system new several years ago and never used it. It comes complete with: Wideband/harness FAST B2B box Caspers ECU adapter module Communication cable for lap top 3 Bar map sensor Software 1000.00 shipped
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    Aeromotive Pro-Series Fuel Pump

    New price 450.00 shipped!
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    Aeromotive Pro-Series Fuel Pump

    Brand new Aeromotive Pro-Series Fuel Pump, P/N 11102 For fuel injected engines: up to 1800 HP - naturally aspirated up to 1400 HP - forced air induction For carbureted engines: Up to 2100 HP - naturally aspirated Up to 1700 HP - forced air induction $500.00 Shipped
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    Dist cap and rotor

    Does anyone have the part number for the screw down summit cap?
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    74mm DBB installed

    Trust me, they will not want to see you with a tank of C16!;)
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    MSD Crank Trigger

    Need a complete MSD Crank trigger set up.
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    Various race parts

    PM sent
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    cant pass smog norcal???????

    You can try to use an emissions chip.
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    Need help choosing which rear control arms to go with

    I have a Moser 12 bolt with metcos if you want to see what the set up looks like.
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    4 bolt exhaust housing

    The Housing uses a 3 5/8 V-band clamp. I will try to dig a picture up this evening.