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  1. J

    F/S GMP (1:18) 1986 Grand National

    Taking offers!:eek::biggrin:
  2. J

    F/S GMP (1:18) 1986 Grand National

    1986 Grand National, part number 8005. New in box. $120 shipped! I also have a GMP 1:18 1986 white T-Type (part number 8002) for sale as well! $75 shipped! If interested, please p.m. me for pics! Thanks
  3. J

    WTB: 1:18 GMP Grand National diecast

    Yes, I have a GMP part number 8005 1986 Grand National new in the box!
  4. J

    Selling 1/18: GNX, (2)G.N's, 85 & 86 T Type

    I would like to sell this as one whole lot. The cars I am selling are: 1987 GNX / 8003 Window sticker number 6663 1987 G.N / 8001 Window sticker number 1834 1986 G.N / 8005 Window sticker number 2848 1986 T Type / 8002 Window sticker number 3155 1985 T Type / 8004 Window...
  5. J

    Gnx #119

    Congrats!!! Nice car...However, another GNX with the rear trunk emblem placed a little high...Hopefully, its a factory error rather than something else going on!
  6. J

    9.7 mile GNX!!!!

    I noticed the chrome bezel as well. Somebody changed it and didn't put the correct one back on. Still a beautiful car!
  7. J

    gnx 474

    Here is what I noticed at a quick glance from previous pics: The fuel tank is cleared, breathers, alternator, IC hoses are wrong, trunk kit obviously they are not embroidered, wrong hat. I did also notice the muffler clamps were changed. (I too was considering this car until I found out about...
  8. J

    gnx 474

    I noticed a few things on the car that aren't stock/correct. Makes you wonder why on a 500 mile car.
  9. J

    Repaint GNX 348 or leave original??

    I am sorry to hear about the condition of the paint. I would do a quality repaint. I saw pics on the internet of 348 with over 1800 miles on it.:confused: Is this the one from Utah?
  10. J

    GNX story to share.

    Good story. However, for your sake I hope it wasn't GNX 424. That is a stolen GNX. You could have been a hero and had a recovered stolen vehicle. Google GNX 424 and you will see what I mean.
  11. J

    Garage Queen For Sale

    To the people asking about the GN, it won't be for sale for a long time. I like the idea of having at least one garage queen in the collection, but not two.:biggrin: oK., Thanks...How about some teaser pics of the G.N. at least.:biggrin: Does it have the Astro roof? Just curious.:wink:
  12. J

    Garage Queen For Sale

    Nice car. However, do you want to sell the G.N.?
  13. J

    asc plates?

    Gotcha..:wink: Thanks
  14. J

    asc plates?

    Awesome! Can you please post pics of the Original next to the Reproduction one so we can see where the original stamp is? Thanks:smile:
  15. J

    Gnx 110

    I was searching the Internet and saw pics of GNX 110 with Five (5) miles on the odometer. WOW!. Who's is it? Anyone here? It looked like it was somewhere in North Carolina?
  16. J

    Car Driver GNX flashback video

    Yeah the car and driver one is cool. I saw it awhile back when it aired on T.V.
  17. J

    GNX on the Speed channel

    Well, I just watched the show and what a Joke. It was a G.N. not a GNX. The owner didn't know Crap about the car. It was very misleading. He related it had 300 hp. As we all know a stock G.N. has 245 hp. The strange thing was that they kept showing a real GNX in motion. I beleive it was the...
  18. J

    GNX for $145,000

    Yeah I saw that too. That guy is dreaming.
  19. J

    What kind of lives some GNX's had?...

    Incredible!!!!! Very nice. I am still available for adoption!:biggrin: